"amazing" weekly chest

The reward for daily quests at the end of the week is a few runes and 60 pearls for me.
Is there a plan to slightly increase amount of items in the chest?

or give this chest at the end of daily quests, and not at the end of the week. he is not worth it

Looks like for the first time I got lucky with one of these chests, contrary to the Pro chests, which only contain food and pearls for me, no crystals.

I got from the weekly chest 3 Pals, gems and pearls, I was really happy with that and even encouraged my alliance mates to play to get them.

They better increase the reward of individual missions instead. 50k/95k gold isn’t that impressive as reward. Especially when one of the missions takes 8+ raids.

I found a few runes, a few gems and some items.

Until last week we didn’t get anything, so it’s already a big improvement. :wink: I just hope that doing 18/18 daily quests gives a better weekly chest than only doing 12/18.


The rewards are good imo, i even got aska which is the second rarest pal to get in chests.

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Aska was given for royal progress

And ? Don’t change the fact that it is one of the rarest …

and so what? I received aska in daily chests
got it at the festival as well
the topic is not about that

but since everyone is happy apparently I was just unlucky

close the topic please

What is your wish for this chest?

Daily quests are very easy btw)

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I want to feel the reward at the end of the week, and not “well, it was easy, so so few”

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What would be good reward for you?:expressionless:

What do you guys think about allowing the daily quests to give out a pro chest instead of maxing out at uber? I’d like to see that, personally, but I’m sure folks may have other opinions on that.

And I also agree with Dena4 that the rewards for the individual missions are severely lacking. If they don’t want to increase the value, at least give us the choice of what kind of reward to get. I couldn’t care less about gold at this point, much less a measly 50k/90k. I would always prefer to get a pet/guardian chest to gold…

According to me, missions like open 9 chests successfully in cof should be removed, that has nothing to do with skill, it’s based on casino element luck.

First chest failure rate should be 25%. Even lower due to pro pal plus gear. Why oh why after opening 10 times cof I still didn’t have 9 successfully opened chests? You can say extremely unlucky, but I don’t believe in bad luck.

That kind of missions should be removed.

It shouldnt

This reward push u to make daily raids.
Nothing hard to find 9 rewards, lets be honest

What i do is that I always skip this one,( which is annoying ofc), with the daily quest-reroll.
It is kinda useful imo.

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This will actually lead to switching to luck/farm gear and picking 500 trophy players as targets. I don’t think this should be stimulated at all, to raid 500- trophy players.

It’s all a matter of luck, this mission of successfully opening chests. Let me explain, with 25% (actually even lower due to pro pal and pro gear) failure rate on first chest, it’s abnormal that during my first 5 raids, I was able to gain 2 chests (for the record, all 5 raids I reached COF) . And it’s not the first time I get this mission. All times I needed 10+ raids, while wearing 8 pro items and a pro pal.

With 8 pro items and a pro pal it’s 18% luck. When we apply the formula 25%x(1-0.18) it leads to 20.5% on a failure on first chest. So actually pretty close to 1 failure every 5 times. Second chest failure is also less than 50%. when you need more raids than chests to be opened for the mission, I say not for nothing that missions should not be determined by casino elements (It’s up to the wheel of fortune how fast you progress).

You can call that bad luck, I call it a bad random seed, since this should almost never happen that multiple times in a row, first chest leads to a failure. Sure… Daily mission you have time for, all day to accomplish it. But luck should play minimal factor, it should not be that one needs 3 raids, while another unfortunate one needs 10+ raids to achieve the mission.

It’s definitely not hard to be successful 9 times without wasting gems, but missions should be based on skill, not on luck or picking much weaker opponents.

Better missions would be “break the gate of opponents x times by using matchmaker” or something like that. At least a player is stimulated to actively raid.

Its just 9-10 raid per day…

Mission based not at skill( where is skill to use toxic 3 times?)
Its based on the time player play the game only

I think that there should be harder quests w/ a little better rewards.
Like : Make 3 successful raids (100%).
Must be completed in a row
Beat 10 enemy wolves.
Must be done in a single raid

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Like I said, during one day indeed you are correct, we will definitely complete that mission of 9 successfully opened chests.

Okay, maybe wrong choice of words from my side, missions don’t need any skill indeed, using a spell x times requires no skill at all, just assign the spell, stay alive and make it x times. Even a failure raid is good enough. A skilled mission is forcing you to win for example 100% with some spell or troop and use matchmaker.

Maybe the predicates should be better defined like @Alumbri also said. Not just use 3 times toxic cloud, but also use matchmaker and beat the gate.

The precondition matchmaker excludes raids against much lower players and forces us to use matchmaker. Maybe all missions must be completed by using matchmaker.

If I need to raid for example with nidhog instead of nemesis, it will be much harder for me to do so, at least it will be a fair chance to a failed raid, not that it matters to fail every now and then.