Hello everyone


Come and join Amber, the alliance of 24/7 elite boosts, regular chat in the chat menu and nearly 100% success rate in war seasons




What are we?


  • level 14 alliance level, hoping to become higher in level


  • A hot spot of popular players (in the mid trophies range)


Want to join, here is your criteria


  • Must fight in the wars or be kicked (after 2 wars)


  • Donate 50k plus, (exceptions can be made though)


  • Join in the chat, (main language is English)


What you get?


  • Great community experience 


  • Elite barricades on 24/7 and during war Elite archers


  • Special elite boosts, (always at least 1)


So what are you waiting for? come join Amber and send a request in


We are here waiting.


Leader of Amber


Strong Soon


We may be small but we want more people, come join us and help us grow towards to the top rank, Join us and help us become good, we have plenty of gold now, (a week worth of 24/7 elite knights, archers and barricades)

If you want to use them and keep them prolonged, come join us!

Strong soon (2.0 version of my account)