Ambiguous Wording or Bug?



I was trying to get the Morale Perk on a cape.  I removed the Scream Perk, re-rolled, and got the Gold Perk.  Removed re-rolled and got Scream again!  Re-rolled and got Gold again!

I would like to see it become impossible to ever get the same park back no matter how many re-rolls!

and if I change the rest of the things and I need it again, Scream Perk?

It means if you removing X perk for re-perking, it’s impossible for you to found X perk again.

However, those rule only applied during current re-perking not continuous.

So [1st re-perking] if you remove X, the chance to get X are 0% and you get Z. And if after that  [2nd re-perking] you removing Z, the one that have 0% chance are only Z. Chance to get X become normal again in your 2nd re-perking.

It seems like you removed perk on left side of cape,  to get start morale you need to remove perk on right side of cape :wink:

LOL. Perhaps he mean Leadership perks? because if he accidentally removing wrong perk 3 times then… ?

If you had scream perk and removed it it means you have 0% to get scream with the next forge ( back to back). If you got gold perk then with next removal and forge you won’t get gold again, it doesn’t apply to scream anymore. If it worked like that after a few removals we wouldn’t be able to get any perk :wink: Wording seems fine to me, though adding ‘with the next forge’ maybe would be more clear.

Come on, Flare won’t ever do that. Reforging is a cash cow for flare. So many people spend tons of gems trying to get those skull bonus on capes/rings/belts.

At least now we no longer get the same perk in a row. That’s as good as it’ll ever get I think.

That would mean in a dozen reperks you are guaranteed to get the one you want.  I don’t think I would support that.

I understand now that that’s what they meant, but it’s not what they said:

I removed a perk and then got it after removing it.  The definition of “after” is any time later.  And I did get it later.  Clearly they meant 0% chance on the next roll. 

Oh well screwed by Flare again!  I’m getting used to it.

I just walk a little crooked now.



Give credit where its due, I think the screwing was a DIY job.

Oh, @Fourofjacks, how I love to hate you!

I want the Morale perk not Start Morale!  I have no interest in something that’s only good to me for the first 5 seconds of the game.

Yeah, it occurs to me later Flare being a bunch of *lovely people* named the perk that gives you Morale “Leadership”. 

But I got it the try after posting this. 

Still pissed about the ambiguous wording though.

*Please don’t use bad words or I’ll get my bar of soap!*

Well that mistake will make you pay the iron price in alot of raids.

Good luck.

Hello there, 

Ok, let me clarify then :slight_smile:

When you remove a perk, you have 0% chance to get this perk again, directly after. However, if you keep on rolling to get perks, you might eventually get the perk your removed again. It allows everybody to be able to personalised their items following the current trend of things. 

If one perk was removed forever and you come across a situation you actually need this perk, then you would get a bit mad! 

Hope this clear things out for you! 


Trust me, not as mad as you would get when you’re looking for A and 8 times in a row you go: B, C, B, C, B, C, B, C…