Ambrosia Can be Stack

I don’t know if many are like me but I hate when I cannot move any hero because the majority are on Ambrosia or Wisdoms during the time 2 others are in War. If you move the Hero on Ambrosia like in the screenshot at 297 you lose them.

I don’t know if can be a great idea if you move one Hero who are on Ambrosia island full then the Ambrosia stack in the main Mount Olympus. Like 320/320 and become like 617/320

if you move 2 of them then become 914/320. Maybe maximum stack of 1000. Later its not a problem because you have like 9 Heroes+ so you can move the one on gold one. Its lower Heroes its a little problem over time when you need all Ambrosia and Wisdoms

This morning its ok i don’t have much opponent on my map and I recuperate Perseus and Hercule in 54 minutes. However still If I have wanted to do my fight I was stuck and cannot do anything during the War




If that was the only problem in this game (and I don’t think it is one, it’s just as it is and that is fine) we would all be happy ?


I agree. They have worst than this little problem but at least its a problem. If something can help us to keep Ambrosia and not lose them. Will be more than welcome in a future update

not sure where you going with the ‘stack’… are they going to leave ambrosia in the rain on top of the store? It’s called a store for a reason, if it’s too small make it bigger :grinning:  

No i don’t talk the same thing. Its not about the Mount Olympus ambrosia temple. I know bigger Ambrosia temple give bigger stack. Its not about this. You must look the screenshot I talk about when you have many heroes on Ambrosia Islands and be full like 297/297 everywhere and cannot move because if you do. You lose the Ambrosia of the Hero you have move

to allow you to understand more I will give you a example. Look the screenshot Helen of Troy she is at 297/297. If I want to use her I cannot because if I do and move her I lose the 297 Ambrosia. More clear? You must wait she be at 0 to lose nothing. for that you must use one Hero and fight with it but if you don’t have any. You cannot use Ambrosia

So I suggest a way to stack them in Ambrosia Temple if you move. If i use Helen of Troy the 297 should be transfer in Ambrosia Temple that why I have say like 617/320. If you move a second one on Ambrosia island you can up close at 1000. A cap of 1000 no more. Not allow someone to stack like 10000/320.

Can be something else to help us to keep them.

During a War this cause a huge problem because if you have 8 Heroes and 4 of them are on Ambrosia, 2 on Wisdoms and your 2 others in War. You cannot move you are stuck. You need wisdoms so you cannot move these one.If you do its a pain because return them there you lose wisdoms. And the one on Ambrosia islands if you move them you have 0 you lose all

to understand more next time you enter in the game wait your Ambrosia Silo is full and wait one of your Hero is full and move one of your Hero who are full of Ambrosia and watch what happen if you move it. You should be understand what I means.Hope so

If its not the case I will do a little video who show the problem

I know what you mean, but that’s just part of the management process, I have my heroes balanced 50/50 with wisdom/gold, maybe prom I keep on ambrosia if I feel like fighting (which isn’t much anymore due to forging being useless).   In the early days I kept hades/zeus on ambrosia (and didn’t need them below lvl 90) as they almost never go back to olympus.  I think having 4 heroes on ambrosia is your issue :grinning:

Exactly what i though. The management is really hard below 8-9 heroes. More easy after Cadmus. I just need to wait I guess. With Cadmus will solve this problem. because you can put 2 or 3 on wisdoms, 3 on ambrosia and the rest on Gold. So you put the one you fight with on the gold. So you spend all the ambrosia more easily. so if you have to move ambrosia hero you can.

Ok nevermind I will wait to reach 25k dominance to have Cadmus and solve this problem. I know when I will have Cadmus,Artemis and later Hades will be super easy to manage all the resources. No problem after obtain them 

Thanks. I was sure there is something to do for low player but nevermind if its just management and the game is designed like this its ok