Ambrosia management tips

Many players are complaining about Ambrosia being gathered too slowly. That’s true when you start playing, but as you level up you’ll notice gathering Ambrosia isn’t so painfully slow. If you manage your Ambrosia well you can have plenty of fighting. Here are some tips for better management of this important resource.


  • Don’t attack enemies that are too far away.  Be patient  and wait for closer enemies.

Plan a route  that makes your heroes end up on Ambrosia islands before you log out.

  • If you have excess gold,  buy Blessed Chests  (not Blessed ITEM Chests though) and you can get decent Ambrosia from them for a reasonable price.

That’s what I do and I fight around 15-20 times daily without spending jewels. 

I hope this helps  :wink:

My nectar rates do not work . Rate is 590 actual is 75 ? Where is it going?


Thanks Gatreno , appreciate your help . The thing is that the tributes are not coming to me at the given rate. There is a discrepancy in the stated rates and my LOWER receipt of same?


The production rate that you can see is for a timelength of 8h.

Here is mine

TIPS ( For doing 50 fight and more a day)

  • Always divised your Heroes. If you have 4 Hero. then 2 on wisdom and 2 on Ambrosia, if you have 12 Heroes. then 5 on Ambrosia, 4 on Wisdoms and 3 on Gold

  • Always wait to have large group on islands. If on the left I have 8 or 9 opponent. Defeat 8 of them and finish on the Ambrosia Island. When you log off, 4 or 5 hour later you will be full at double or triple. Never attack solo opponent, they are too far and you lose Ambrosia for nothing. Check what side you can go before move

  • Only use 1 Hero at a time. If you have park everyone on Wisdoms and Ambrosia then choose the Hero on the Gold one to travel the entire maps. You can easily defeat this way 10 or more opponent in a row in less than 40 minutes. Good for XP one Hero and Good to gain trophy fast

  • Of course never die ot save Ambrosia


ya great gotta sit around and wait for close ones? lol…why did we get these other lands then? theres only one fix for this game…going back to RR2, u have to pay to fight it…pay to move to ones u alrdy owe…wth…***** as hell imo…nothing but a cash grabber

Hi Picker,

Please refrain to necromancer threads. Also please refrain from intensive swearing.

Picker, firstly you need to understand the mechanism of this game, its philosophy, then yell why this, why that. Take your time, read different threads around the forum and you will understand more.