Amount of loot greatly reduced?

Hey guys,


Did anyone else noticed that their amount of loot per battle has greatly reduced since the last update?!! Being around 3000 trophies, I was getting consistently between 400K- 650K for my first 3 battles(after pressing the new enemy button for a dozen of times or so) and then around 200K for my next 10 or so battles, That was the good old times.   Now, anything above 400K shows up much more rarely, and generally the amount of loot I get from every new session is almost the half than before. :angry:

Am I imagining things?

Jona I’m experiencing same issue even when I allow 12hours of loot recovery as always , loot still sucks.I thought it was just me so wanna give 2-3 days of testing but since someone else complaining too then surely this is a problem with Flare’s algorithm ? Was getting a few 400k-500k (also after lots of spin) but now can barely get 200k while tower upgrade cost at least 4m !

I have no information regarding lootchanges. I will check if anything was altered here, but to my knowledge, no changes were made.

I will try climb up the leaderboard and see if loot change coz maybe I’ve become too strong for players around me

the loot changes. its lower than before and maybe the one gem trick is back. before refill bread with gems it was 150 k after buy over 300k.

Can you post some screenshot to confirm that ? If gem trick is back then thats good news !


Hate to be the guy that always is bitching but even if the Gem trick is back, - which is indeed good news-, I still want my old loot amounts back!!

Jona, that’s right, I’m talking to you! :stuck_out_tongue:

same here, trying to find a decent amount of loot is quiet hard.

I hate spending my whole time just looking and searching for an opponent who has a fortune.

Around 3000-3200 trophy range I’m getting 400-650 too for the last 7days or so in my first 3-4 raids with the next 4-5 raids being more than 250k before loot decreased below 200k.This however only happen if I let loot recover for about 8-12hours , usually 10hours.So basically I can’t win league because if I play every 6 hours like usual I won’t see any high loot.

Made a thread on this a couple days ago. I think I found the solution. Just stop playing. I stopped for a few days, came back and raided a personal best. Over half a mil. I rarely see that kind of gold, might  have been luck, just give it a go.

Wow 600k? I’m happy if I find someone with 200-250k :huh:

Max is around 370. Every 100% will drop 25%. 400 and up gold are all people with lots of gold. So you’re telling me everyone in 3k-3.2k range leaves a lot of gold? Maybe you’ll find occasionally hard to be believe all the time 1-3 400-650


I observed something like that too. Best thing to make a break to restore this “malus”. But how long… 


I was pressing the new enemy button until finding one that will give me those amounts of loot. Usually 10-20 searches were enough. Now it’s never happening.

If its hard for you to believe then don’t do it


If that’s the way to solve it, then its bad programming an and bad business sense on the part of Flare.

Should I just play the game Less to get More? 

Every win you make will decrease everyone’s loot able gold by 25%. Unless they have real millions of gold stored up. Although the amount will still decrease. If you lose the decrease is 15% and below. Chain effect everyone’s gold will decrease.

You merely said its the first 3 attacks which is assumed first 3 people you see.

Well that explains some of it. It’s not that the loot dropped you’re just lucky to always find players with millions of gold. I don’t think it’s suppose to be that way all the time.

Not everyone of course.The pool is much bigger down at my range , its like 1 500k for every 20 spins.Most I’ve got is 712k before gold boost.I usually left 1m in chamber and came back losing 150k or so then raid about 8times (full silo and farm) get around 2m-3m maybe more.Currently I have all 7 workers , troop academy and wizard tower + wave all busy(minimum tower upgrade now 3.75m).Like I said , I allow up to 12hours loot reset and if I didn’t then it won’t work and loot will be crap.Situation change now , this morning (Malaysia time) I can barely get 200k , not a single base above 300k and max 264k with lots of base below 80k.