Amount of lost trophies

If you log in and you have been attacked, you get to see a pop up which shows the number of raids, some crowns and the amount of gold you’ve lost.

I would like to see the total amount of trophies lost/gained. The crowns don’t tell me a lot if there were multiple raids.


Great idea, +1 

And while implementing this, please fix the algorithm.

When the gate wasn’t broken, no trophies should be lost by the defender. Of course a raider also should not gain any trophies when he doesn’t break the gate. 

I think you should get credit for doing well if not breaking the gate of a player that’s much higher leveled. Conversely, one should lose trophies for losing to someone much lower. 

I don’t think so, the raider should realize he raids a player whose gate he can’t break, because he has too strong defense for him. It’s his misjudgement, nobody forced him to raid. So why even reward him for an error/mistake? 

The defender shouldn’t be punished for having a good defense. What does the defender get, while he can’t do anything to prevent a raid? He loses gold and also trophies? That is incorrect.

The raider shouldn’t be rewarded when a gate isn’t broken, he is the person to blame raiding a base he can’t defeat.