Amount of Pearls in CoF reduced!?

I used to get around 90 Pearls in CoF in the 3rd Chest mostly. Nowadays it gives me only about 20. Did you change this? Grrrr @GalaMorgane @FTB

I can’t confirm this. I still get at least 70+ most of the time. Rarely less than 20

I rarely ever get pearls from the CoF and I used to get them all the time in the 3rd chests and get around 80+ pearls. Just the other day I found 1 pearl in a chest. There had to have been a change

If you do it with full gold chamber you usually get shit values of pearls in 3rd chest

Thanks, did not know that.

It happens with me too sometimes but…If the first 2 chest give good reward then 3rd chest give low pearl and if first 2 chest don’t give much good reward then in 3rd chest you get more pearls(about 90). As i observed…