An all-round guide on RR2 for beginners & mid-levels.

I am KK Star, currently level 77. I am releasing my personal guide with tips & tricks. I will be telling you’ll about my combos as I progressed.

These are my strategies and they maybe different from the usual method. For further reference, you can see oPelle’s Wikia - For further queries, you’ll can post it here, I will make sure to answer them all.

Level 15-40 :

You all must focus on upgrading your buildings in general. At this stage, you must not use any scroll at all. Never spend any gems on cool down for an upgrade. Do not forge any item because they will soon be outdated. Try to upgrade your alliance towers to 5-20k.

By the end of this stage, you must be doing/using :-

1) Must be in an active alliance.

  1. Froster/Blazing Knight & Cannon as offensive units. You must concentrate on upgrading knights and cannons in priority.

  2. Firestorm & Swordrain/Hammerstrike as spells. Upgrade hammerstrike, firestorm & swordrain first. Do not upgrade them too much as they will be soon replaced.

  3. Your defense waves must consists of paladins, gargoyles, frosters & an ogre. Your wave morale should be at least 13.

  4. You must win leagues. Always try for the 1st position to get maximum gems.

  5. Whenever you view your upgrade list, avoid going too fast. You may end up spending gems for speed-up. Your hard-work will go down the drain. I have made this mistake & I don’t want anyone to make such a blunder. Even experienced players spend gems accidentally.

  6. You must have a good mix of towers & blockades. I will be keeping a defense pattern below. I will only show few towers and blockades so that you all get a rough idea.

Capture2.PNGThis is how it will look when you check your own defenses.

I will release further guides over the weekend.

Next guide: Know your troops: Knight & Archer.

Cheers  :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am back with my second guide.

Know your troops: Knight & Archer


These are the basic troops costing 1 morale. Knights deal normal damage. Their elite boost is Blazing Knights that deal additional fire damage and have more health. You must constantly upgrade knights. They should be a part of your main attack force till you get paladins. After paladins are obtained, paladins should be your main melee defense troops. You should use knights in offense when they are boosted. Boosted knights aren’t that great in defense. Knights are resistant to poison whereas weak to fire & ice. I am not copying stats. These are my observations.When you use knights in offense, you must protect your army. They are very weak to pyromancers & frosters in a chokepoint base, they can create panic or slow down your whole army. Beware of gargoyles & skull towers, they can kill your whole army. You can forge knight’s speed, damage & health. Currently, I am forging its speed. It is currently 2.49 as compared to the normal 2.25. 

Knight’s Report Card:

Strong against: Units - Paladin, Cannon, Mummy, Mortar & Werewolf. Spells - Toxic Cloud. Towers & Blockades - Barricades, Arrow Tower & Snake Tower.

Weak against: Units - Ogre, Froster, Pyromancer, Gargoyle. Spells - Firestorm, Swordrain, Blizzard, Bladestorm & Sonic Blast. Towers & Blockades - Bomb Tower, Skull Tower, Frost Tower & Firebolt Towers.

How to use knights in offense - Spawn large number of knights and use hero scream near the tent, to create a bigger army. While using knights, make sure to carry heal or shield to protect your army.

Combo you can use - Blazing Knight+Cannon+Mummy.



Archers deal piercing damage. They cost 2 morale points. Their elite boost is Power Archer which deal additional blunt damage and have more health. If you are in an alliance that boosts archers frequently, then you must level up archers. If not, you must focus on upgrading cannons & knights. Unless boosted, archers are not great units to carry in offense. Arblasters are way better than them. They can be used in defensive waves as a filler. Archer is among the slowest units in the game. Archers’ range is poor so your archer will be confronted first. It may even die before it gets a chance to attack. Although arblasters are 2x the morale of archers, they are much better. They are resistant to ice and piercing damage. They are extremely weak against blunt and poison damage damage. You can forge archer’s damage, health and range. I have forged their range to 3.68 from 3.5.

Archer’s Report Card:

Strong against: Units - Knight & Ogre. Spells - Blizzard. Towers & Blockades - Against all if boosted. If they aren’t boosted, they are not good against towers.

Weak against:  Units  - Gargoyle, Mummy & Mortar. Spells  - Toxic Cloud, Firestorm, Swordrain, Bladestorm & Sonic Blast.  Towers & Blockades  - Bomb Tower, Skull Tower & Firebolt Tower.

How to use archers in offense - You don’t need much leadership gear for archers. You need more of scream gear. Scream is used to keep the archers with your hero. Shield them like knights.

Combo you can use - Blazing Knight+Power Archer+Monk/Cannon/Mummy.


I hope this guide is useful.  :slight_smile:

Next guide Know your spells - Hammerstrike & Toxic Cloud.


Know your spells - Hammerstrike & Toxic Cloud


This is the first spell to be unlocked and does blunt damage over a small area. This spell is mainly effective against towers and obstacles. This spell has the lowest cooldown of just 7 seconds. This spell should not be permanent in your arsenal as it will be replaced by stronger spells & then Sonic Blast. Unlike Sonic Blast, this is not a touch & go spell so this is one of the disadvantages. Sonic Blast can virtually destroy everything including units & significantly draining health of monsters. Hammerstrike is unable to do this. Hammerstrike cannot save you in a dangerous situation.

Hammerstrike’s Report Card:

Effective against: Towers & Obstacles

Ineffective against: Most Units.

How to use Hammerstrike - You must cast this spell whenever you are near a tower or obstacle. You need to place your hero properly to deal maximum damage.

Combo you can use - Hammerstrike + Firestorm. (Only at low levels. At this stage you would have not unlocked third spell slot)


Toxic Cloud

This is the second spell in RR2. Toxic Cloud, as the name suggests, deals poison damage. This is very effective against units especially paladins. This spell is soon replaced by Swordrain as Toxic Cloud has a low range of 2.45. This spell gains popularity at higher levels as its range later increases to 5.5 & you can obtain the slow down perk by forging. If you know how to use this spell properly, this could be very useful. Currently, I am forging the slow down perk of this spell.

Toxic Cloud’s Report Card:

Effective against: Most units except cannons, mummy & mortars

Ineffective against: Towers & Obstacles.

How to use Toxic Cloud - Use this spell when there is a large army threatening you. Do not use it against towers as it is completely useless against them. If you have the slow down per, you can use it to have more control near a skull tower.

Combo you can use - Firestorm + Toxic Cloud (Low levels) Toxic Cloud + Black Magic (High levels)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Next guide - All about Defense - Why is defense important?


The guides I am mainly releasing are for Levels 15-85. Although I am only level 77, I know till 85, the basics remain the same. The Know your Troops, Spells & Towers series is common for Levels 15-85. I will write down specifically if some combo is for lower level or only for higher level. I will be releasing a separate guide on tournaments, gems, defenses, certain elite boosts, etc. for different levels. I will specify for whom the guide is relevant. Now, most guides will be for Level 15-40 after which, I will move on to Level 41-65. Once again, if you have any queries or correction, you can write down in this topic or send a personal message to me.

For further reference, I would recommend you all to watch Flothaboss or Pellez (oPelle) videos on Youtube.


Hello to All New Kings of Royal Revolt 2.

Must be wondering why defense is important or maybe thinking how to build an invincible defense or…?

The answer is here. No defense is invincible or unbeatable at this stage. At this stage, (Lvl 15-40) you will develop more skills in offense. If you have a well set-up base, you can expect some gems & trophies in defense. Defense is also crucial to protect your gold from invaders as you cannot buy a gold shield 24x7. Waves are also important in defense. You must focus on Castle Guard’s Waves first. Powerful waves can compensate for weaker towers. At the end of this stage, you may have unlocked the firebolt tower. I would advise you to not upgrade arrow tower & frost tower too much because they will soon become redundant. Your main aim must be on the towers unlocked later so don’t waste time on them. You can upgrade bomb towers or gargoyle towers because their boosts are pretty strong. Along with waves, you must constantly level up your castle gate. At lower levels, I would not recommend you to build too many spikes, instead go for barricades & to a certain extent, blockades. I will be showing which units you should put in your waves.

1st Wave - Melee defenders like Paladins & Knights.

2nd Wave - Monsters like Mummy & Ogre.

3rd Wave - A supporting wave to monsters like Frosters, Pyromancers & Arblasters.

4th Wave - A few gargoyles & some ranged units.

5th Wave - Cannons & Mortars.

6th Wave - Ranged Units incl. gargoyles.

7th Wave - Ranged Units incl. gargoyles.

8th Wave - Once again some melee defenders.

This pattern is for a basic chokepoint pattern. (L base)

Flothaboss & Pellez have vividly explained this in their videos. Also make sure to see Flothaboss’s best barricade placement strategies.

As far as tower placements are concerned, try to vary the towers you keep in a particular area. I have kept a photo. They are 4 totally different towers. See the towers I have circled, both arrow towers and firebolt towers have a weakness to fire, so I have kept them a bit far. A gargoyle tower is in between. So vary your towers. Had I kept arrow & firebolt together, both would go down with 1 firestorm.



Next guide will come very soon.

Your a great helper to the new players keep it up KK

Sorry, by mistake I posted twice.

Thank you very much Darren,  :wink:

I hope more people see it.


I am back with my next guide on Towers.

The next guide will be on the 3 obstacles.

Today, I will be writing about the Arrow Tower & Frost Tower.

Arrow Tower

Arrow Tower is the most basic tower dealing piercing damage. Its Elite Boost is the Poison Arrow Tower dealing additional poison damage. Arrow Tower has a range of 6.38. You shouldn’t be upgrading them a lot because they are not for long-term usage. Its attack rate is too slow & does not deal heavy damage as well. It also has massive weakness against fire. So it is not recommended to have too many arrow towers. Their Elite Boost is rather poor and not used.

Strong against - Actually, not effective against any troop. It can be used to disrupt hero’s regeneration. A highly upgraded Arrow Tower can deal a lot of damage to the hero.

Weak against - Any troop dealing blunt damage & pyromancer. Even blazing knights are effective to take them down.

Frost Tower

Frost Tower as the name suggests, deals ice damage. It does not have any elite or war boost as yet. It had a special war season boost, Frozen Spire which can be found in high level dungeons. The Frost Tower has a range of 2.45. It does not deal much damage but it slows down enemies. Similar to Arrow Tower, I won’t recommend you to upgrade it too much because it will be replaced by stronger towers.

Strong Against - Knights, they can slow them down and they even tend to take decent damage. Also, when there is no troop nearby, a werewolf may attack a frost tower and take massive damage as wolf’s are very weak to ice damage. Although paladins deal blunt damage, they are also weak to ice damage so they aren’t really effective.

Weak Against - Any troop dealing blunt damage except paladin & pyromancer.


Before releasing my next guide, I will tell you all some interesting facts -

When raiding, your troops appear light blue to dark blue depending on the level of the troop. Sorry, the image is purplish because I used Time Warp to capture the image easily.


Whereas the enemy units are red to deep red depending on the level. Imagefact1.PNG

Only monk is an exception. It wears blue colour both when used as an offense troop as well as in defense. The red bar above signifies they are enemy units.


Ogre is the only monster to wear a particular colour. You can see it wearing dark blue shorts  

imgfact4.PNG imgfact6.PNG

Gargoyles & Wolves also don’t wear any colour. You might see a wolf as being purplish, don’t expect a wolf to be red when its defending.  


Hi everyone I am back with my second part of Know Your Troops.


Paladins cost 3x morale that of knights. They deal blunt damage & have very high health. They are relatively slow in attacking & movement. Their elite boost is holy paladin which is very useful for low level alliance who haven’t yet unlocked storm cannons. Holy paladins have additional health & regenerate after attacking. Paladins should be your main melee defenders at low levels. You can even carry them in offense till you unlock cannons. Surprisingly a maxed knight will beat a maxed paladin 1v1. At low levels, it is tough to kill paladins. The most effective way is to use toxic cloud against them. Paladins are also weak to ice so don’t carry them if you are facing too many frosters. Paladins in defense are used to make the opponent waste time in defense. They should be there in your initial waves till hero level 55-60. I would advise beginners to upgrade paladins to level 6-7 then stop since they will cease to be useful. Consider upgrading knights & cannons instead.

Paladin’s Report Card:

Strong against:  Units  - Archer, Pyromancer & Cannon.  Spells  - Firestorm & Swordrain & Sonic Blast to a certain extent.  Towers & Blockades  - They are especially strong against Arrow Tower, Bomb Tower & Spikes. They won’t deal heavy damage to towers as their attack rate is low & damage is low.

Weak against:  Units  - Froster, Mummy & Mortar.  Spells  - Toxic Cloud, Blizzard.  Towers & Blockades  - Frost Tower & Snake Tower.

How to use paladins in offense - Paladins have a moderate morale so its better to summon frosters for the same amount of morale in offense. You don’t need to really use defensive spells for paladins. If you carry them in offense, make sure that the base isn’t froster or mortar heavy or you whole army will be in trouble. You will have to handle mummies with firestorm.

Combo you can use - Paladins + Pyromancer can be quite decent at low levels. The third troop can be Mummy.



Froster as the name suggests deals ice damage. It slows down its targets. By itself, the froster doesn’t deal much damage & has low health. It is an excellent defense troop essential to slow down attackers. It is a misconception that frosters are bad in offense. They can be quite handy in offense. Their war boost is dragofroster which can be won if your alliance finishes in the top 3 in a war season. They have more health & deal more damage. They do have a reduced attack rate. One dragofroster gains dragon power from other dragofrosters nearby by attacking. After the bar is full, an ice dragon flies thrice over the hero.  Always keep upgrading frosters as they are a very good & useful troop. Frosters have morale of 3.

Froster’s Report Card:

Strong against:  Units  - Knights, Paladins & Werewolf.  Spells  - Blizzard.  Towers & Blockades  - Gargoyle Tower & Blocakdes

Weak against:  Units  - Pyromancer & Stunning Ogre.  Spells  - Firestorm & Swordrain.  Towers & Blockades  - Firebolt Tower & Lightning Tower.

How to use frosters in offense - Frosters are good to use in offense as supporting troop to slow down enemies while the other troop like arblaster & cannon finish them off.

Combo you can use - Froster+Cannon+Mummy

Know your spells - Stun & Firestorm


Stun as the name suggests stuns all troops & towers in a range of 5.5. It has a long cooldown of 20 seconds. It is a defensive spell for the hero to regenerate but in my opinion it is not useful. It is not worth upgrading as it deals no damage nor provides extra health to your troops.

Special Tip - At low levels like hero lvl 40, when you raid completely open bases of lvl 90+ players, you might notice that the castle gate arrows deal a lot of damage since they are maxed. Now, comes the use of stun, when you come close to the gate, cast stun & hammerstrike & let your units esp. cannons to deal damage. Scream & go back till your stun recharges. You will easily be able to beat open bases.

Stun’s Report Card:

Does NOT deal any damage. When forged, you can add blunt perk but damage is minimal.

How to use Stun - Use it when your hero won’t be able to survive a coming wave or near a skull tower to protect your army.

Combo you can use - Hammerstrike + Stun. (Against Open Bases for low lvl players)



Firestorm deals fire damage in a range of 2.45. This range improves with higher levels. This spell is one of the most used in RR2 and I would recommend you to upgrade it. It is extremely effective against Firebolts & Lightning Towers &  troops weak to fire are easy meat for it. I am forging its range to be able to hit LTs & FBs behind barricades.

Firestorm’s Report Card:

Effective against: Knight, Froster, Cannon, Mummy, Mortar. Barricades, Arrow, Frost, Firebolts & Lightning.

Ineffective against: Pyromancer, Paladin, Werewolf & Gargoyle Tower

How to use Firestorm - Use it against Firebolts before they hit your cannons. If you let firebolts attack cannons, your cannons will be history. Do not waste this spell to kill a few knights as it has a relatively long cooldown.

Combo you can use - Firestorm + Hammerstrike (Low levels) Firestorm + Blizzard + Sonic Blast (High levels)


Toxic Cloud? Didn’t you mean Firestorm?

Hi KKStar

I like your guide a lot. You have inspired me to give my view on this matter.  I have stopped this game about 7-10 times and restarted from the start. Why? The middle game was too frustrating and boring to me. So I have done and redone the first levels many times and (has solved the middle game riddle). From my viewpoint  I would add a few very important rules to follow when you start in order to progress fast (if you are a free player):

  1. Never ever buy anything from granny unless it is for gold. Never spend your gems on her as her good deals are actually very bad.

  2. Do not use gems on anything but save them all for the events where alliances towers build fast and is 20% cheaper. Use the forum or twitter to know when they are scheduled.

  3. When you get rewards - do not collect your rewards unless you need the gold for an upgrade. Never collect the gems but save them for later. Do not fight the battles in the dungeon that has gem rewards (but do open the path to them). If you do this - the specials you are going to get is going to cost 1500 gems and not 300-500 gems

  4. From level 26 onward you will start to receive specials from the princess. Do not let the beauty of the princess get to you - RESIST AS LONG AS YOU CAN because the deals get better the longer you wait. Do not take the worker pack (3 workers) or the builder pack (1 worker + max gold). Be patient and wait for the warrior pack. Why? Fighting is the most important thing in this game. If you have followed my instructions then you will be able to buy the warrior pack with the gems from your rewards and from the dungeon. 

  5. There is only one thing that is important - that is you need to get as much gold as possible. Upgrading your wizard tower, barracks, spells and troops is the most important thing. When you start this is very easy, but will get difficult very fast. The most important gear to get is gold gear even if it is only 5%. Collect as much gold gear as you can.

  6. Buildings to upgrade in order of importance: Alliance tower (during events only), Castle (can do more alliance tower upgrades), Silo (more food store for battle), one farm at a time (for more food for battle & get this to max asap.), wizard tower, barracks, defence tent, castle gate,  taverns, gold storage and as lowest priority - defence towers and blockades and traps. 

  7. The first building you want to max (or to get as high as possible), is your alliance tower (during events). Why?

    a. More intra troops -> you can battle more and better

    b. The higher your tower, the more powerful alliances will accept you, and the faster you can progress because of their gold and troop boosts

  1. For defence only focus on the defence tent, the defence waves and gate. DO NOT INVEST IN TOWERS or BLOCKADES or TRAPS before the other buildings are maxed out (with only one exception - do tower upgrades during a defence event). Why?

     a. No matter how good your defence is, someone is going to destroy it.

     b. Because you focus on offence, no matter how much is stolen from you, it will take 1 battle to get all back (or even more back specially if you have gold gear)

     c. The gold and medals the search engine gives you will be higher (provided you do not have strong towers & blockades)

     d. More kings will attack you - see this as an investment - they are the first to take revenge on and to steal more gold back than what they have taken. (specially if you have gold gear)

  1. Do not worry about your trophy level. It is a flawed system. Your trophy level will not climb fast until you focus on defence (because of the many attacks).

  2. Do not worry about your king level until you reached level 80. The trophy level is a also a flawed system. Never ever go for extra XP boosts. (To be honest I would pay gems to get my king 10 levels down).

  3. When you get to level 80 and has followed my advise all buildings will be maxed except for defence towers. This is now time to focus on defence and up your trophy level 1500-2000). Only now is trophies and king level important. And you would also have missed the greatest frustration of RR2 - that is the gold scarcity in the mid levels. You will actually have another problem - that is having 15mil gold and nothing open to upgrade.

Last note: My advise is different from KKStar in terms of defence. But if you really want to build your defence early - his advise is very good. Just be aware it will lead to high frustrations and does makes everything harder onward.


Thanks OilFire for the valuable tips.

To be true, I focused in this order

  1. Units

  2. Spells

  3. Waves

  4. Towers

  5. Barricades/Traps

Units will work both on offense & defense & Raiding is a superior part of the game. Well I mentioned about concentrating on defense because I have seen people with just 6-7 barricades & 2 arrow towers. That is their defense till Level 50.

I also repeat that new players should not waste time upgrading arrow & frost towers.

KKStar, if you do not mind, I will give my opinion on everything you have put in this guide - not as criticism but as a way to make it more complete. I think what you are doing is brilliant and awesome! If it is ok with you, I would like to be a joint author with you?  :slight_smile:

(I am a person that would as a rule see the other side of the solution. So I think that together we can make this the best starter guide on RR2)

Kind regards and I hope (you are better after the sickness).  :grinning:

Sure. :slight_smile:  

For me, Toxic cloud is one of the deadliest spells (and for me the most enjoyable) in the game especially after the last update of RR2.  It is also used by the top players and it is a very fun spell to use.  I would  recommend you to invest in this spell first and to max it first. 

What makes this spell one of the best are the following features:
1)    The spell is cheap  and fast to upgrade compared to other spells
2)    The max damage (6886) is slightly lower than sword drain (7028) making this an all unit killer.
3)    The range at max level is the same as sword drain (that is 5.5)
4)    The spell last for 4 seconds (making it possible to kill every unit that cross your path in that 4 seconds)
5)    You can forge slowdown on this spell that works the same way the time-wrap scroll works. (this gives the enemy 30+ seconds less to defend depending on the amount you forge)

I have found the spell useful against all units  – especially orcs, wolfs, cannons, mummies.  When the slowdown is forged (with 2+ seconds) then this spell becomes deadly against towers and obstacles too.  Why? 
The slowdown work in the following manner: your king stays at normal speed, your army is at 0.5 speed and all enemy units slow down to 0.1 speed. When your wolf screams – your army goes at normal speed. The damage you can do during this time to enemy units, towers and obstacles are staggering.  (Please note that the speed changes are from my perception – the exact values are not known). If you have seen the Flash superhero movies where everything slows down and the hero can run from bullets - this is exactly what happens when the slowdown is used. You can look at fire-bolt arrows in the air, look at sculls in the air, run from cannon balls and run through standing obstacles.

Hope this helps . :slight_smile:

Lets Talk about Trophies this time before the next guide.

Some Quick Points about Trophies -

  • Trophies determine your rank in the world. By being in the Top 1000, you can unlock a medal bonus. Psst, you start off with about 250k rank.

  • Trophies are a measure used by alliances along with Alliance Tower Level to know how strong/weak a player is.

  • Higher Trophies will help you gain access to better rewards in the Ninja Event.

  • Some Player drop trophies on purpose so see a base before you raid. They might turn out way stronger than you would imagine.

  • You will roughly gain 12-20 trophies if you are possessing less trophies for your level. You will gain about 5 if you are having too many of them for your level. In defense, if you manage to completely beat an opponent, you can gain more than 50 trophies.

  • If you use matchmaker, you can lose as much as 50 trophies for a failed raid, if you yourself find players via leaderboard, your losses can be limited to 20. I’m saying this from personal experience. In short, matchmaker punishes for failed raids,

  • Lastly, advice - Never spend gems for trophies. It does not matter if you have 1500 or 1800, if you play, it will automatically rise.

  • You start off with 600 trophies, the top player has about 6300 trophies & I, the author, currently has about 3000.


Points where you might easily gain or find it tough to gain (resistance).

600 to 800 should be easy.

After level 40, you can gain 200 trophies.

After crossing level 65 & 80 too, you can gain trophies.

1800 trophies would be a tough resistance.

2400 is also a tough barrier.