An Alliance alliance?

So apparently, a lot of the top guilds employ players from other guilds to give them more than the maximum of active players. Basically, all their actives get the max number of attacks, so they switch actives with another guild so that both guilds get twice the attacks. What are your thoughts on this? Is it ethical? Would you like to switch places for 5 minutes to get an extra 1500 skulls for each party involved? And what are possible solutions to this? Discuss.

Easiest solution would be a “frozen” status once you join an alliance during wartime.

All your attacks are limited to 0 skulls and if you get raided, you only lose gold/trophies, not skulls.

Are you sure it works??


I asked these questions on the topic “The Art of War”


"if a player leaves my Alliance during a War, he’ll take the skulls he earned with him?

if I kick a player who has been suffering too many attacks, would it decrease the amount of skulls an enemy alliance has already scored on us?"


Moderator ‘Bladestorm’ replied:

If a member leaves or gets kicked his WINNING skulls are removed from your record. His losing skulls STAY on your record.

Oh, ok 0: Good

Yup. If you remove a member from a war, their skulls lost counts for the enemy but their skulls gained doesnt. So swapping out members actually just makes the enemies job easier. Your time would be better spent making sure what members you do have are actually active. Imagine that, Flare actually planned out something pretty good for once. Very little room for exploits that I see =)

Actually, I still see one way to exploit this (: You see, your skulls count as soon as a War ends, right? So if you win a war, go to another alliance, win their war, go to another alliance, etc, assuming that the ending times are 1hr apart, you could win 24 wars in a day. Not sure why anyone would do that many without payment, but they could.

In a realistic example, imagine that you’re tied for the #1 rank. But you can’t attack the other team because they’re on the opposite side of the map. You could win your war, go to the alliance that your opponent is facing, help them push back your opponent, and then return to your own alliance. Still very exploitable.