An alternative solution to Flare on Offense/ Defense balance

One of the arguments against increasing defense again, is that during war, it is still ‘reasonably difficult’. Hence, some players think that the balance is good now. Here’s an alternative solution to incorporate that ‘thought process’ so that BOTH lower level players and higher level players can be happy.


The proposal is to have an additional 2 trophies gained per skull perk equipped.


How much percentage on the skull perk does not matter. The maximum number of skull perks one can equip is 5. Therefore, the maximum bonus one can get ouside of war would be 10 trophies per raid. If a player raids in war gear against another player outside war, he should be gaining more ‘trophies’ by assuming that additional risk that has lesser strength.




If I am supposed to gain 5 trophies for raiding player X, I can get 15 trophies from him OUTSIDE WAR only, by raiding him with my war/ skull perk gear that has 5 skull perks in it.


In my opinion, this number is justifiable, as 1 raid with war gear gains the same amount of trophies as 3 raids with full gear.


This will solve the problem of lower level players complaining the game is too tough, by NOT touching the difficulty, while giving the higher level players the opportunity to have the trophy advantage. From the forum response, many lower level players do not care about trophies anyway, so they would rather not have the difficulty increased. On the other hand, the way forward on higher level player is to create a competitive environment that does not affect lower level players, and this is exactly the outcome. Higher level players, who actually cares about trophies, complain about offense being overpowered. With this implemented, the player who can raid with the less powerful gear (war gear) gets to claim more trophies, keeping the environment competitive as they like.


I believe this is a solution that can keep BOTH target audience happy (the lower level players who will not face an increase in difficulty in terms of defense and the higher level players who can be competitive on trophy rankings without such environment affecting the lower level players).


**take note that while higher level players can now use war gear to attack lower level players, the trophy gain/loss restriction still applies. For example, if I am a 5400 trophy player, I still can’t gain anything from attacking a 4500 trophy player with full war gear.

I’ll add on the the list of reasons as to why this is a good solution.


But first, let’s recap the problem from a different angle.


Player A has better Offense and Defense than Player B. However, because the current meta favours offense, player B could defeat player A in full gear too.


This means the trophies do not reflect the strength of player A and player B. Whoever plays more for the day gets more trophies on that day.


The normal response from player A would be to ask for Flare to increase the difficulty so that there’s meaning to both his offense and defense. This response of course would get a lot of objection from lower level players.


The alternative solution in this thread, however, could resolve the problem without touching the difficulty of the game. Player A, with stronger offense, can now raid player B in war gear because player B’s defense is weaker. At the same time, player B’s offense may not be strong enough to raid player A in war gear.


Over time, the trophy reflection on player A and player B will be MUCH more accurate. Player A, being the stronger player, will have more trophies than player B as he deserves it.


This will then pacify the group of strong players to give them an avenue where ‘if offense is too strong in the current meta, raid in war gear then. You get extra trophies from that now’, and will stop pressuring a solution that will affect the group of players who are still coping from the game’s difficulty.


A win-win solution for everyone.

Well I’d love to gain even more trophies but i don’t see how this could balance offence and defense.

It’s true that during wartimes raiding is a bit more difficult because there are more boosts, but still in mid and low tier the main problem would mostly be “phebe” than the special boosts. In higger range most alliances have already nearly “all” boost 24h activated so the difficulty can only increase with war conditions boosts. Isn’t it what the war season is designed for to be harder?

I’d rather say that lower players are complaining about phebe than the hardness of a base, so i don’t see how this trophy proposal would change anything. Also in mid low range gardians are really op. I don’t realy see how the in current meta it could be difficult for lower player range( I am not talking about phebe in this case). Many can rush trough bases, run easily to the gate with gardian and summon cannons to quickly destroy the gate, even i can pull this off most of the time with the “invincibility period”.

BUT: The thing is tricky because gardians broke the balance, but gave new hope against phebe for many.

For me this whole system is more like a “new purpose” for top players and impacts them more. While at your level your war gear is weaker than your other stuff, i wouldn’t say the same. I mostly raid either in gold or xp set that are far worse than my skull gear, but still i manage to, more or less, beat bases at my trophy range. I am not really against this “feature”, it would indeed be even more easy for others and me to gain trophies. I could be another purpose for war gear than in actual war season.

Well…your “balancing” solution is not really one for me: It’s as if you told me that Howl beast weakness to ice is too great and my solution would be : don’t use fritz, use another pal so it becomes harder for you but not for the others.

Change my mind.

I prefer the other topic you made concerning gardians.


Lower level players think this doesn’t concern them but it does. To top players, the ceiling is too low. They want the difficulty of the game to be increased. The reality is, it is indeed very easy at the higher level. Probably starting from 5k trophy, any player can beat any player.


Your example does not correspond to what I suggested. The increase in self-imposed difficulty does not make sense. There must be external incentive to do so. For example, I can of course raid with only 2 spells, but what do I gain? Nothing. Likewise, you have correctly pointed out that some players raid with xp gear or gold gear, but both of which have no bearings at all at the top level. At the top level, it’s only trophies for gaming achievements and bragging rights.


Thus, this thread provides an alternative solution to fulfill the top players’ craving without touching the lower level players. They get to have an external incentive for increased difficulty without such increased difficulty affecting the lower level players (the incentive given are in fact something that doesn’t even affect the players’ strength, i.e. trophies, so the lower level players won’t even feel left out for not being able to enjoy this incentive since they don’t care about trophies anyway)



Otherwise, increase the game’s difficulty altogether by buffing defense. The top players will be equally happy, just at the expense of lower level players being crushed even more.



It doesn’t. 

All it achieves is making life easier for highly skilled players with high a trophy count to keep their trophies. 


A 4800 trophy player attacks a top10 player and steals 10 trophies. If the top10 player wants to get the trophies back, he would get 1-3 trophies per raid. It’s just not worth your time. 

However, if you could get 2 (or even 1) extra trophy for each skull perk item, you’re now looking at 11-13 trophies. Meaning, you can easily get all your trophies back, no problem! And all you have to do is equip your war gear to raid an easy defense. 

Btw, if you are really skilled (or rich), you’re able to beat other top players in war items too. So this would not apply to “noob” opponents only. Some guys would be able to massively increase their trophies like this. 

The game needs some balancing for sure. 

Remember that the vast majority of players were complaining that defenses were very OP before guardians. Guardians broke that and then some. 

So, thd reality is that towers are pretty strong against troops, BUT the guardians are strong enough to over compensate for that.

Balancing this will require a delicate touch.