an amazing man that deserves some love

Hi everyone as you know or should know there is an amazing player that is in sk: United realms. His name is flothaboss he is also a youtuber with 2000 subscribers, and I saw his latest video seeing he took my challenge and I won his contest I just cant express my gratitude to him so I want to give players of the rr2 community to subscribe to him, he makes tutorials gameplay etc. He really help me grow and I want his channel to grow

Here is the link to the video

I thought the challange is not using boosted werewolf but it did

Btw it is awesome vid by flothaboss


lucky atlas you always get the good stuff(though you do earn and deserve it):slight_smile: And another awesome vid by flothaboss

Share your gems Atlas!!! Hehehe grats!!!

how many gems you got, Atlas?

@darkerion:I only got 38 gems but its the time and effort flothaboss has took from his time for us to improve, this is not about me

@Zoeli: I am going to share by upgrading my alliance tower and sharing 50k more alliance gold ;D

@eddyboy: I actually do not deserve it, I just ran out of ideas to use for his spells so I thought my comment would stand out if I chose 2, its hilarious when I saw the comments…there jealous;D

But guys this post isn’t about me winning, its about wellflothaboss being the amazing man that deserves some love :heart:

Only 38? Cmon Flare! --’

It’s god enough for me, and don’t say that it else they’ll take away my 500 gems that they gave me

Y u do dis atlas?

U always mention that 500 gems

Im so envy of u

Haha :wink:

Im sorry, i bragger

I just got 3000 gems, so Atlas’s 538 gems mean nothing to me :stuck_out_tongue:

whatevs, like i care :’(

I’ve recieves now 3 50% gem discounts, bringing my free gem count to 30,000. Get on my level =P

shut up!!! just when i get something good my friends get something even better :slightly_frowning_face: