An analysis as to why Defenses are hard

First and foremost, if you don’t want to read this, you don’t have to. It’s free info for those who want to read, and decide for themselves how accurate this analysis is. If you don’t agree with my analysis, feel free to talk about it on its merits.


I’ll start with the very basics – the definition of overpowered. Everyone here is using the term left right center in this forum. Until and unless we fix a definition (which you can choose to disagree), then this won’t be an analysis.


The definition of overpowered in a game is where, something is so powerful that nothing you do can counter it. Yup, as simple as that. If something is powerful but there’s are reasonable ways to counter it, then it’s not overpowered.


Now that a definition is fixed (in which, once again, feel free to disagree), I’ll break down the analysis by dividing them into “issues”.


1) Issue no.1 : Double Boosted Paladins can run through any defenses


A) Cause:

i) There was nothing in defense that could really kill Double Boosted Paladins. THE best shot at stopping paladins were skull towers. However, there’s another safety net for the paladins even IF skull towers kill lots of paladins. Thus, prior to the update, there wasn’t even a need for the king to even manually kickback those skull bombs. If the paladins die by it, so be it.

ii) The use of Ceres makes sure that even IF many of your paladins die, Ceres will just make even an improved spirit version of them which are immune to lightning.



B  ) Solution by Flare to resolve this issue:-

i) Skull towers deal more damage

ii) Ceres summons less to prevent the redundancy of defense strategy that succeeded in destroying many paladins



C) The REAL effect of the balance:-

Double Boosted Paladins are still very powerful in destroying towers, units, and even defensive beast. The effect of the balance makes it so that you now have to PAY attention to keeping your paladins alive. In the official announcement, Flare already explained that adding levels to towers will not fix everything. If you look at the cause of it being overpowered, you’ll see the reason why. Even if skull towers are now more powerful, if Ceres was not nerfed, this issue will not be resolved too because players will still let plenty of paladins die by the newly improved skull towers as there’s little no consequences of it when Ceres could literally raise up an entire spirit army that is better.


D) Is the solution too much?

It’s easy to answer this question if we see what Flare was trying to balance, i.e. the balance between Paladins not being able to die and them being able to survive if they are well taken care of.


Now, IF the solution introduced by Flare causes paladins to no longer survive no matter what you do, then defense is overpowered. Otherwise, balance is achieved, i.e. paladins can be destroyed if you don’t use them properly, but they can also be very powerful if you take care of them when you raid. Are there reasonable ways to take care of your paladins so they don’t die so easily? Plenty. I’m not just talking about Shield. The need to kickback those skull bombs become way more important now. Don’t like the difficulty in kicking those skull bombs? There’s the  bombkick aura that makes it easier. Don’t like heal aura with shield and don’t like to kick those bombs? There’s Stun.


It’s also not rocket science why after all these nerfs, Flare actually gave a BUFF to blizzard against skull towers, one of the most used spell in the game. It is to give ANOTHER reasonable way to counter this situation.


Now, let’s apply back the definition of overpowered regarding THIS particular issue. Is defense overpowered regarding this issue? Answer is no, because while it becomes more difficult now to protect your army of paladins, there are many reasonable ways to do so.



2. Issue no. 2 : Lightning Tower being way underpowered


A) Cause:

i) it gets one shot by Bladestorm, one of the most commonly used spell in the game. There’s nothing to stop this as no matter how many forges you have on LT, they still get one shot by Bladestorm.

ii) even if it survives, it doesn’t do anything to spirit units


B ) Solution by Flare to resolve this issue:

i) Tweak Bladestorm so that it can no longer one shot a max and well forged Lightning Tower

ii) Makes it difficult for spirit units now to survive. Only IF spirit units are well protected, that it can now act as a “shield” against these Lightning Tower.


C) The REAL effect of the balance:-

Lightning Towers are now favourable being placed at U turn of bases again. Players may find difficulty just using Bladestorm to go at one spot, click, and run, while all Lightning Towers get destroyed. This is not to say Bladestorm is useless against Lightning Tower. Flare just made it so that after Bladestorm is used, the Lightning Towers will still have a LITTLE bit of health left.


When Lightning Towers don’t get one shot by Bladestorm, the difficulty will of course be felt by many players. The added damage introduced by Flare also rewards the defender for ensuring those Lightning Towers don’t go down in one go (with forges and combination of heal tower etc).


D) Is the solution too much?

Again, the question depends on whether there are reasonable ways to counter this newly buffed up Lightning Towers. Ironically, the old common combo of Blizzard Bladestorm Shield still works against Lightning Towers. The only difference? Change the way one raid just a little.


For example, I notice some players use bladestorm and blizzard separately. If you use them TOGETHER in a U turn, the blizzard will cause a little damage to the LT and at the same time freezes any heal towers that will try to heal those LT, and of course, the Bladestorm will then take care of all the surrounding LT at the U turn in one go.


There are so many other reasonable ways to counter this too. Making sure the now more fragile spirit units survive becomes more rewarding now as it is now more important to protect yourself from the more powerful version of LT.













These are probably the 2 issues that covers most of the complaints, i.e. Ceres and Bladestorm nerfs. I will add more if I see fit. BUT, I would like to talk about something else now. The players’ incessant demand for another balance change. If you’ve read the above analysis with an open mind, then you will understand what I’m about to say too.


It is NOT easy to balance things when the CAUSE of the imbalance is a scale that tips heavily if you tweak one little thing. Let’s take Bladestorm nerf as an example in issue no.2. The ENTIRE idea of nerfing Bladestorm against LT is to make sure Bladestorm alone don’t one shot LT so easily. It’s not as easy as “Flare, go find something in between”. There’s no in between for this issue. If the solution is to add one new level to Bladestorm, and now it can again one shot LT, then this issue will just go back to where it was in 3.9.


There are equal number of players complaining that Bladestorm can’t one shot LT now as compared to the number of players who complained Bladestorm CAN one shot LT in 3.9. For those who keep chanting "Don’t go overboard, Flare. Find the middle ground!!    Hmmmmmmmmmmm… what’s the middle ground?


Overpowered in a game means something is more powerful than other alternatives, not that it can’t be countered (that I would define as “broken”).

Yes …defences are not OP…perfectly beatable. I complained against stargazer tower cz i dnt have heal aura with my skull gear and my army wipes out. Other than that buffing defences is a great job done by flare, now raiders needs to pay attention to raiding, not like earlier that one can survive while raiding even after commiting mistakes. I am happy with the job done, earlier people were using ceres and just walking past bases with ease, which should not be the case. I used to run top 10 down with ease, not anymore, and tbh i shouldn’t be, they r hell forged bases, they should be able to defend themselves against weak raiders at least

I read that the whole ‘rebalancing’ was aimed at having more different usable combo’s. But now I see almost everyone is using double-boosted pala’s (10mio alliancegold per day), or tripple boosted pala’s (18 mio per day). So the only effect is that alliances have to spend more gold…



I like balancing they have made especially Phoebe because right now in order to survive base I must attack at least 2k lower players  than me in war.


I raid this time 500 trophies lower than me in war cz of stargazer towers, other than that if u gng 2k dwn to raid , then better to change ur raid n troop setup. Defences r nt the kind that u start raiding kid bases

So by your logic, are you suggesting Flare to nerf the already nerfed Paladins even more? So your complaint now is that they didn’t nerf paladins enough? Cause I really have no problem if that’s what you are suggesting lol


Even if your definition is used, the same conclusion would have been reached in this analysis. “More powerful than other alternatives” of course must be seen in the context of costs too, i.e. an unboosted unit should not be as powerful as an alternative to a double boosted unit.

Your definition of overpowered is not accurate, a defense or offense can be beatable but still unbalanced. For example, boss fights. In this case in particular, “skill” should balance the game because the defense is not interactive during sieges, therefore the defense should be stronger than offense.

The solution in 1, was to simply nerf the paladin, not buff the entire defense, because that affects the whole set of units.

The bladestorm nerf was required and for the moment looks appropiate for the game play.

The Ceres nerf is excessive because it made Aska a better pal.


It is easy to do a detailed analysis if you are in 70-80 level alliance.test me like being in a growing level 65 alliance we cant spend a lot of money on boosts and we lack the pearls to upgrade all the spells . should be a game suitable for everyone not just for top players 

Exactly… Double paladin boost is too much. We must chose only one of them… 

Raids are well-balanced. But its not enough. Raids should be funny too. Sometimes raiding without units is easier than raiding with units. Besides new graphics with new boosts and too many type of damages from different towers and different units are too much for phones… Yes better graphics but not suitable for old phones, and additionally touch-responsiveness issue. All those are an annoying things for crazy raiders. Surely harder defences are more funny but only if we can play with a good fps and touches. 

All the unrest is about nerfing of ceres. 

It would be ok if they reduced some features to about 10-15% but flare reduced all of ceres features/abilities more than 25% which was way too excessive. 

So what Ceres stat would you consider as balanced?

The triple boost is available this time, to counter the other op war boost, which is the Stargazer. During war, you kinda have to use the triple boosted paladin. After war you’ll probably see a bigger variety of combos

I dont think only Ceres is the reason… For me the reason is that Flare must not nerf those items/units/pals which are already purchased by the players. Now they are the property of that player and it is upto the player how to use them.


If flare think that anything is Over Powered then its their problem because they are the ones who Introduced that item/unit/pal in the game but the players and once a player has purchased something then its the property of that player and Flare has no right to Changes the Stats on a later stage but they are doing it which makes the players angry…


10-15% reduction from original stat

Let us assume You r right LacunaC. I was making different level bases. Skills R almost as important as boosts.  But I also see some danger when boost r lost. Let say your team lost war season and boost, next will be Conquest when alliance matching is poor. It can be a chain of very bad fortune.

Exactly! Extrem changes make extreme reaction. It is like your boss will cut your payments by half in one moment because it was ‘overpowered’. Mayby current balance is as it should be, but look at the cost of it ?

Now boost r very important, as the skills r. But what if you matched in season/conquest with teams running many boosts? After last conquest and War season I don’t see any team matching balance in it. It was not so bad but very far form ‘OK’. In conquest 1 team was ‘Overpowered’, in war season 2.

So most of you here agree that Bladestorm nerf was absolutely right, just wasn’t happy with Ceres?


I’d like to test this out, say… if Ceres’s new stats is the following, would you guys be happy?



Max spirit howl - 18

Radius - 5.0 (5 is the exact measurement of one tile; prior the the update the howl range was 5.5, now it is nerfed to 4)


The rest remain the same in order to resolve the issues highlighted in the first post of this thread.


Will you guys be happy? (One of the developers just liked the first post, so my analysis can’t be too far from the truth even if I didn’t hit bullseye. With that in mind, I will write a long analysis to try my best and convince Flare on my suggestion, but I won’t waste my time if you guys are not going to be happy with this proposed suggestion anyway)


Initiation health is reduced by 28%. it shouldn’t be because all other troops (ogre, wolf, paladins) have reduced stats too