An auto-revive button!

Have you ever gotten the Castle Gate down to 1% health, needed one more spell to take it down, but had nothing left? It’s infuriating. You try to die, but damn does your ice sword slow everything down )= That’s why I think we need an auto-revive button. Something that automatically kills you, then revives you, so that you aren’t then trying to kill yourself. It would probably only be used on 600k bases by players with 120% gold boost (like me), but still, it has a purpose! >_<

Err… it’s annoying to end up with 74 or 75%, yes. But usually I don’t try to kill my self but rather survive and kill the base. I would never want a feature that kills me automagically. oO 

Well, this idea sounds interesting and weird, maybe it just needs more details on the redaction, I mean, that feature should cost gems I guess, because resurrection is free only when you test bases. Sentinel, I understand you, but maybe you could add something to the idea, or explain it a little bit more  :slight_smile:

Like suicide?