An easy way to balance guardians

One very easy way to balance guardians is to make it so that when guardians die in a raid, it cannot be used again for that entire raid.


For example, this will automatically balance Donkey’s short cooldown and fastest speed as one of the most common guardian. The game has to have some sort of risk/reward ratio in the gameplay. For a guardian to run so fast, with such short cooldown, if the guardian is ‘killed’ before the duration is finished, it cannot be used again for the raid. A counter measure to kill the guardian can then be implemented in defense. Otherwise, what’s the point of ‘killing’ the donkey if the cooldown is so short? With this implemented, the logic would follow like most games, that the fastest character is always the most ‘fragile’ one. Thus, the player can take the donkey and run around with max speed, but he has to make sure it doesn’t get killed for running too far into an enemy’s base or he cannot use the donkey again for the rest of the raid.


This will undoubtedly make Guardians’ weaknesses more relevant in the game.


If this is implemented, then it will give the opportunity to balance out “G-5000” too, as the only EXCEPTION to guardians being killed and not being able to be used again. “G-5000”, being a legendary-grade guardian, has the ability to auto-reconstruct itself after being ‘killed’.

Wonderful idea. G-5000 is completely useless right now. Making it different from the rest is a great idea, but how do you do that? By not changing the Guardian at all lol. When I play my Guardians don’t usually die, but I do agree that when they do, they shouldn’t be able to be used again. This adds more caution and skill when attacking rather than getting on the donkey and getting to the gate automatically

+1 from me

I’ll just extend the idea IF the original idea is implemented.


Goruc is pretty much useless now too but if this idea were to be implemented, Goruc’s ability can be enhanced to recover hp equivalent to what it ‘eats’. This means it should recover to full hp most of the time. This will be so much more meaningful only if keeping it alive were to mean something.

Adding on to the list here to show developers how much more can be done if this idea is implemented.


Gaspar, despite being the highest grade guardian, is one of the most underwhelming one. What can be done is that, if it survives the duration and not die, all spells in cooldown gets a reset.


For lower level players, this will help with beasts, especially Phoebe. If Gaspar doesn’t kill the beast, another opportunity is given when duration is over and all spells get reset for the player to immediately cast again to finish off the beast.


For higher level players, with a perfectly timed Gaspar summoning, one can use it to reset hammerstrike/ Sonic for getting 100% at gate towers.


Additionally, and incidentally, this adds a little more meaning to the underwhelming doom gate boost, as it may try to kill Gaspar at the gate, preventing the cooldown reset for 100% score.

These are all great ideas. I love the idea of other special attributes unique to each guardian

I do not agree with this idea, because then the use of the Guardians is no longer plannable. Now I know how many times I use which Guardian then no more.

Interesting ideas LacunaC, the team will discuss them.

I d rather have the guardian from the start and when it takes too much dmg u just lose it for the rest of the raid.

While your guardian is alive u only get the hp bonus, it s standard skill (e.g. sledge’s freezing aura, donkey’s speed boost) is activated like a 4th spell, and the guardians’ ultimate spell is like a 5th spell that has a 40 sec cooldown so u can use it only 3 times per raid. 

I think being able to use the guardians early on the way is a good idea.

In terms of decreasing Gaspar’s capabilities, tou just have to know what the purpose is…

If it is that the maximum of players profits from it, that its level is small medium or high … it is necessary to keep it as it is. This will allow small and medium players to progress. And to have more big players in terms.



If Gaspar is intended only for the big players it is necessary to modify it.


Hello, I have added a “feedback wanted” icon, I would love to get more input from the community on the ideas proposed in this thread.

Main idea -> Guardians can only be called once, once they died you cannot call them again.

Thank you!

Imo, only donkey is op. Cause of the low cooldown and high speed. The rest is pretty much OK. Donkey is even great at level one, unlike those other guardians. So I don’t think guardians have to change a lot, only donkey. Donkey is a very important part of the solo combo. So if you wanna upset the majority of players, nerf the donkey :grinning:

LacunaC suggested to remove the possibility for further guardian activations IF the guardian’s life reached 0 in the previous activation.


What you’re proposing here is very different thing. Also, if you can only activate once, what does it matter if their energy is depleted or not?

That’s what I meant :wink:

then they must receive shield and heal

Wouldn’t this idea massively hurt the F2P guys? P2W guys obviously have maxed guardians already with much more health than the poor f2p who still have guardians at lvl4-6 maximum. Less health means quicker death, means no more guardian for the rest of the raid when this idea would be implemented…

I have not heard of any P2W players having max level guardians but would love to know if anyone does actually have max level…

I’m at level 6 trusty, donkey and sultan and would need 60/60/35 respectively to reach level 7. 

If I assume level 10 is max (like PALs), that is a whole lot of guardians needed to reach max level.

I would assume most P2W players would spend their $ on forging skull perks instead of guardians.


Flare had a special pack a few days ago that included however many Donkeys and pal treats needed to upgrade 1 lvl.

So there are lots of players with lvl9 Donkeys and I’d bet there’s already some with lvl10 Donkeys.


There are some with max lvl (9) Sultans too, thanks to the event during March’s Community Week.