An idea to make defences stronger again and make the inventory more interesting.

It would be a good idea to make inventory effect to defensive buildings and waves. So this will make defences and inventory more interesting and various.

For example.

Special perks
Merc boost perk makes ninjas in defence stronger.
Insta troop Cooldown will decrease the time to defeat a base but that shouldnt be more than 10 second.
Piercing, fire, poison etc. shields will give 5-10% of resistant for buildings.

For troops and pals
Troop damage and health bonus perks will increase the health and attack power of selected troops in waves.
Gargoule bonuses effects both gargoules and gargoules tower.
Special pal perks increase special ability bonus of the selected beast.
Pal flute increases the healt of the beast
Pal damage perk will increase pals primary attacks

For buildings
Hammerstrike damage perk makes skull tower’s attack power
Toxic cloud for snake tower
firestorm for firebolt tower
swordrain for spikes and arrow tower
heal for heal tower
blizzard for frost tower
shield perk for basilisk
swordstorm for barricades and blockades
sonic blast for bomb tower
black magic for lightening tower

I dont know how auros or general perks effect on defence. They may be prepared for castle buildings like tawerns, blacksmith, castle gate etc.

Average players have offense pals level 7-9 , whichever he wants or need

But don’t have same level beast in defense.

Especially pro - pals (beasts)

May be they should give more  pals , so often, so that we increase our all defense beast level, 

That’s only the problem is.

Also The problem is we get pal food easily and much , every 8 hour , pro chests etc for offense pals.

But for defense now a days pals only collect from events only or one time in a month in daily chest ,

They will balanced the defense in 4.0 but then what after  sometime , when mostly pal beast goes to level 8-9 ,

soonevery one will starts saying defense are over hard , can’t beat , offense become weak.

So the idea is to make each tower have slots for items, perks etc that will augment the tower’s capabilities? 

well, I mean, it could help out with the thinking that the towers ‘have been nerfed so much that it almost seems like they do nothing’


Yeah, it seems kinda gimmicky but I wouldn’t mind it just for more cutomization of defenses. Could also have some unique traits like a small amount of pearl production (1 per hour?) kind of thing.

It shouldn’t require an overhaul either, just attaching an instanced data structure to each tower.

make defense more interesting? If Flare can stop to be stubborn and add all awesome (Not you awesowestknightest lol) suggestion we have made. Specifically the suggestion made like 2 years ago or more older. Able to upgrade inventory defense towers. To avoid to weaken defense if you want to try something.

by example you have 21 tower and all traps but you want to experience some towers that you never try like Basilisk Tower. So if you have 1 worker free you can go in your inventory and build a Basilisk Tower

So can be cool if :

  • We can have a button or icon to access inventory without remove 1 tower

  • We can upgrade towers in inventory without remove and weaken the base

  • Can be cool if we can have finally defense layout A,B,C,D

with all of this add. RR2 will be so awesome. I still wait to see this one day 

Love your suggestion! We need things to make moving around defenses a ton easier, cause right now it’s a hassle

For making better base , 

One new idea, 

 the beast can be placed by ourselves , wherever we want to point in the path, from that it may start work when the attacker units/hero comes in its range.

Also , not in front of the tent ,  there should be limit , may be after 20- 22 path



May be selected beast with the  waves 

Can be added by us with any of the waves after 5.

Deja Vu!  

I do really like this suggestion though, would be cool to add some more strategy into the Beast placement