An Ignore Button

I have a bully I can’t beat him and he is draining me dry how’s about an ignore button so we can put and end to this bullying hmm?

of do you condone such behavior it’s unfair and it’s about to get me to quit this entire game because of it.

I had that (still comes back like a bad rash some weeks). The best tactic is to not respond with an attack and to build your defenses to make an unappealing target.

My ‘bully’ now fails every time giving me trophies and the occasional gem.

People like that exist in all games. You will work through it. There is an attack limit per day so you will still be able to develop your structures if you also are putting the effort in each day.

Yes i’m doing what i can everyday but it’s hard when you save gold just to have it taken away everyday by the same guy. today alone he’s taken me for a million gold and still coming back it’s pissing me off

please pm me his ign, I’d like to raid this guy, I hate bullies

You don’t have to PM just tell us all their ign

see that’s just it it is almost impossible to type it here with an english keyboard he’s vietnamese and  his name is OSY but the s is backwards and the Y is upside down lol that’s about all i can tell you that’s what makes me so mad I can’t tell my friends his name so they can get him for me

Give them the alliance name and if that’s even unwritable, give rank of alliance plus position of the player. Then your friends can deal with him. Just focus on defense waves and some troops in your defense. If you can get the loot, then also start to upgrade towers.


If the player is too strong for you, only your team can help. Just ignore that person also helps. If you drop trophies, gold will not be given a lot to that player and he might lose interest.

okay he’s a general thier rank is 1,631 and it’s a little unwritable but basically goes this way “viet nam song vi ae” and thank you all so much for the support he’s been bullying me for about 3 months now he’s taken millions from me i really wish i could slap an ignore button and just let it be done with but alas i cannot

Just attack all vietnam player :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe some vietnam player know what i mean :wink:

I didn’t mean anything racialy I just meant the dude is a bully that’s all froster

Look over the froster, it says his username.

same thing happened to me…and nothing i can do about it…but i went to his alliance and raid all their low level player to get back my lost of golds… :wink: