An interesting way to be a prick

I found a glitch recently that I thought was funny. You know how if you let your units solo a base, you’ll still get 100% even though you never hit any of the milestones? Well, that’s not always the case. In fact, if you /do/ travel, but you stay just outside of the Castle Square, you’ll actually only get 91% completion, even if your units destroyed the gate. This means that you still get most of the goldc plus the Chamber of Fortune, but you don’t take any trophies away.

There was this ***hole who attacked me 50 times for no reason during the war season. In between wars, though, he opens up his base to lose trophies. For the past two days, I’ve been stealing his gold and dumping trophies on him at the same time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

interesting. I might try it.

That’s just harassing people though.  Honestly that sort of thing is self-correcting, because it’s a really inefficient use of time/bread.  People get bored and move on to doing something that actually benefits them.


Take this guy for example.  He has raised trophy dumping to an art form.  His king is level 77.  From the attack screen I can see he has a max (level 16) castle gate, and after attacking and seeing lots of black towers at the front of his defense – plus the fact that he can beat me with no scrolls and a somewhat odd combination of spells – I have to assume he has pretty high upgrades all around.  Oh, and he has negative 26 trophies.


It’s awesome.  He attacks me and steals hundreds of thousands of gold (the screenshot shows him taking ~100K, but he’s hit me for up to 300K in the past).  But when I go to attack him, it offers me paltry rewards because he’s managed to fool the game into thinking he’s incredibly weak.  You can see a screenshot of what he’s worth for my level 44 alt on my PC (usually upwards of 600K), versus my level 74 main on my phone (91K in this case, which is the highest I’ve ever seen – usually it’s 20K-30K since he leaves his base open a lot).


I guess maybe it’s being a coward, as much as being a prick, but it’s pretty sad how completely broken the ranking and overall rewards system has been in this game, and how Flaregames has done very little to address it for such a very long time.  I’ve found several people who are exploiting this extreme trophy dumping, but I keep seeing threads and hearing from friends (and experiencing it for myself) that the honest players get shoved up into impossibly hard fights and are left with no choice but to spends tons of gems scrolling or quit.  Or exploit the ranking system like this guy does.


I like the pace at which Flaregames has been putting out updates over the last year.  But maybe for the next “update” you guys should focus on fixing all the shit that’s broken in the game so we can go back to fighting other kings instead of fighting broken game mechanics.  Like a spring cleaning of sorts.  :grinning:



Haha, that’s awesome xD But you agree, then, that open bases are cheap? That’s why I like to drop trophies on them :grinning:

I found another way to be a prick

  1. Invite your enemy to your alliance

  2. Wait til he’s asleep

  3. Kick him from your alliance

  4. Have everyone raid him like crazy while he’s boostless

This has been, Sentinel’s Guide to being a Douchebag, Part 2.

that enemy must be intellectually challenged… -_-

Interesting efficient way to be a prick: Use boosted paladins and raid the shit out of top10 players :lol:

Yes, trophy-stripping XD