An option to lock a boost!

The leader can be given the option to lock any boost that he doesn’t want to be activated/prolonged.

In my alliance there r many generals(including me), nd they come from all over the world. So it becomes really difficult to employ a different strategy when even putting up an alliance message doesn’t help because some of em can’t understand it.

I know the leader is lenient but something new becomes a moot point when the same boosts keep getting activated.

This problem may be unique to my alliance but I m sure the locking option could be useful to others as well!

+2(i count as 2…I have two different personalities…)

thnx for the double support!

(But how did they post at the same time!)


+4 (I count as 4… I have a split personalities…)

Never thought about a “lock” on boost but i agree!

thnx oPelle & mss73*4! I hate it when I m unable to ditch elite barricade between wars for ogre during war. Or when someone went prolonging arbs for 2 days, when we had tribal Archer available! (And never got to know who, as there is no message as to who actually activates/prolongs a boost)

This is indeed a welcome option.


It could also be solved to make it configurable what a general is allowed to do and what he isn’t. For example

  • Activate boosts and if so, which boosts
  • Upgrade alliance
  • Invite players
  • Throw out players and even a limitation (to prevent he trows out everybody except generals and leader)
  • Declare war during seasons
  • Activate champions
  • Activate shields

Good idea!


Why have people in same alliance that cant speak same language? seems odd… But I would love a “Keep activated” button or something on boosts

The generals will make u poor by prolonging what shouldn’t be,hahaha