Analysis of Alliance Wars

Why are only 5/5 fights in the history of the most recent war season, although we fought 10/10?

Because the next war season has max 5 available attacks. It is always displayed according to how many attacks the next season will have. We can call it a bug yeah because it’s not what we really did. But it’s a thing that goes on since always i could say.

Sure bug but never noticed it lol

well i got a bug in my war season history , when i first created my alliance i won 4 war season and now i can’t find the history of most of my war seasons 

The war season history isn’t a bug, 10 previous war seasons are shown, my alliance has completed 51 seasons I would love to be able to look at all our previous wars but don’t think it would be possible. :slight_smile:

i should have been possible