And now? Need some help

Hi guys,

I’m a new player trying to grow up in this game since few months.
I come from different kind of games and to be honest since now I didn’t really follow any guide or tutorial.
I did what I thought I feel better with in terms of spells, units and everything else.
Right know I don’t really know what to do and what should be my main goal, if something is wrong with my items, perks, pals, guardian etc.
So I would like to share with you my current situation hoping someone with experience can help me finding my way.

Perks here are Firestorm and Sonic (20k each), because they are two of my main spells, both maxed.
I also maxed Swordrain, Shield, Blizzard and Bladestorm.
I’m not really sure about weapon and a bit about gloves, even if I like them.
This setting have 165% starting moral, 36% travel speed, 33% scream.

This is a really quick setting I made to get some skull perks.
Didn’t really know if it’s decent or not, anyway the current bonus is 33% total.
I think weapon should be changed.

Now, getting into my kingdom.

I’ve got everything building maxed except defences which are mostly low level because I didn’t ever focus on upgrading them till now.
My waves are all level 13 and I’m upgrading them as fast as possible.
As offensive units I mainly use Cannons, Knights, Archers, Monks and Wolfs.
Got them all maxed (except Wolfs obviously).
And I’m slowly upgrading units I think can be usefull in defence as Frosters and Airblasters.
I’m pushing more for upgrading Skull Towers (level 13), Snake towers (level 17) and Bomb towers (level 15).
Got every Barricade at level 16 but I think I use quite too many of them.
Every Spike at level 14-16.
I like quite a lot Basilisk Towers but they are really expensive to upgrade.
I’m using also some Firebolt, Heal and Lighting Towers but still low level because I focused on other things till now.

Well, that’s my situation.
I use Sultan as guardian and Phoebe as pal, mostly because is the best I have.

I would like to know if there’s something to change, something I should stop doing, items to change, thing to do first.
At the moment I’m waiting for a good offer to buy 40-50k gems and unlock runes slots at blacksmith.


Hello Friend. You have to know at what level you are and your trophies. If you are low, you are doing very well. Every strenght if it is strong is good, but as you grow, the game itself will make you change strategy or change clothing equipment (inventory). Do not hurry friend. Be active and whatever you do, you will be good. :wink: I could tell you what I have but they are very personal strategies. What I like, 100 warriors may not like. And the ones they have, I don’t like. It is relative. The important thing is to climb at the same time, your attack as a defense. :wink: Lucky friend.

I would recommend finding a weapon with speed so that you are closer to 70% speed at least. This will allow you to bait jester boxes consistently. Chloris axe can give you speed while still giving you enemy slowdown%.

Also I have no idea how you have survived so long with only one scream perk :scream:
You would have much better control of your army if you had at least 3 in total. Scream cooldown maxes at 100% and 3 perks gets you very close (about 90% or 11-12s). You could replace the first leadership perk on your helm for scream and find somewhere to put the last one.

Something like this for example if you wanted to keep your high leadership/start morale combo.

The farmer perks are not necessary, they are just my personal preference.


Monks are always good, max them.
Archers are good beast killers and if you have Pro Archer you can really do a lot of damage to beasts with that alone.
Cannons are good in both defence and offence. Range rune them to about 6.15 range and they can reach firebolt/lightning towers over the lane. High level and range forged pyromancers can also do this. However, if a base is using a lot of firebolt towers and Phoebe, keeping your cannons alive can be tricky. Eldrak pal or 6.15 range firestorm can take them out reliably.
Necromancer and Viking are good at killing the gate in <5 seconds. Wouldn’t recommend necromancer in offence if it’s not max level and maybe even elite boosted though, it’s good in defence also.
I rarely use Arblasters unless they are war boosted, same with paladins unless they are Pro boosted.
Werewolves are always cool. :sunglasses: :ok_hand:
I used to mainly use pyromancers in the past but now I only use them when I have dragons or if I see a base with only firebolt/lightning towers, cannons, monks, Archimedes/Fritz… I don’t know why some people do that.

As for spells, all the ones you have maxed are good but you should add a blunt spell too so that you don’t have to rely only on your cannons/troops for general tower destruction. If you have a well-leveled Kaiser, then that could be a substitute for a blunt spell provided that you get used to pushing it around to maximise damage. I did this for so long, it actually became fun once I got better at it.
Since you have Phoebe, you could try this out. Get pal flute to level 3, forge duration 4 times and wear Blood pumps (Pro/Halloween) pal flute boots. This is the quickest way to get enough duration for offensive Phoebe to use Armageddon twice in one spell cast. That’s 40k DMG in radius 10 in 7 seconds…


My tower levels are horribly low for how many trophies I have, but good design compensates for lack of sheer force. If that were false, my base wouldn’t beat anyone lol.

Strong unreachable heal towers can make a base hard to push.

This one needs range to be forged 5 times if I remember correctly.

This one is forged on heal rate to keep ranged troops alive and to keep the spikes alive so that while cannons shoot the spikes instead of the towers, the firebolt tower on the left picks them off. (The firebolt tower needs 3 range forges).

Lightning towers with 10 range forges hit over the lane.

13 range forges on skull towers. Harder to reach the tower but, if your opponent is using trusty, this may not be of much use unless you bait the opponent to use another guardian like Sultan by placing many towers at the gate for example.

Army-eating jester boxes

At least 10k DMG each and the second one needs enough range to catch troops over the lane. The frost trap also slows the hero urging them to scream, potentially dragging a few more troops into range of the blast. If the hero doesn’t scream, they get hit by the second one.

Tanky troops in the first three waves…

This gives time for necromancers to summon skeletons and for ranged units to get into position.

If attackers don’t deal with this fast enough they get this mess.

This can also possibly happen a second time when the beast arrives with the addition of a blockade behind to prevent the hero from trying to push Phoebe away before it uses its explosion on the army. Also a frost trap is present to deter the hero from going in at all.
If they go in slow, they face the horde plus a snake tower next to the blockade. If their guardian is ready, it will by wiped out by the tidal wave of mixed damage types. If they scream in, their front lines will also be eliminated. If they scream back (or don’t even step in but scream to hold their army in place), they lose ground, wasting a bit of time if they survive to reclaim it after. Also the froster in here could land some slows before falling and the hero scream will still be on cooldown. The beast becomes harder to kill.


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Hi guys!

Thank you especially to Coherence who invested a lot of time explaining me many things about the game.
I learnt some interesting things I didn’t know about towers’ range, thank you again.

I’m actually trying to understand how to change some item to get more scream and speed.
Fortunately I have a Senzu helm with 1x scream yet and I’m trying to find out where to get speed and somewhere else to get one more scream.
To be honest I gave a chance to the Festival’s weapon with infection % because with my gloves I reach 40% and I wanna test it.
Do you think it’s playable?

Meanwhile I decided that I need to improve a lot my defences and your post helped me a lot.
I also will try your strategy with Flaute and Phoebe in my attacks.
Currently I’m around 3k trophies and I can see I struggle to stay stable on 3k so I think I need more defence which also will grant me some gems.
I’m also going to join an alliance which is around 150th and I guess that will help me too with rewards in events.

One more question if someone would like to answer.
I’m waiting for a good discount to get 40-50k gems, where do I need to invest them?
I was thinking about runes’ slot but I’m also afraid that I will need anyway thousands K of pearls to upgrade them at high levels so I was thinking I may use them for something better and more usefull at my level.
Any ideas?


If you want to farm pearls, I recommend to attack beginners with luck gear (or a mix between luck gear and farm gear) + Hans pal.
In purchases, I suggest to wait gems at -25% price or at -50% price (this one is rare) or +20% gems at the same price or +50% gems always at the same price (this one is rare too).
I suggest to save those gems until there will events like blacksmith, granny, alliance tower, conquest buildings, rune.