And now this is my level 100 party!!

Today, June 4th, 3:00 p.m. (My country’s time). I finally reached level 100 in the game! I took a screensgot of the moment when I leveled after finishing a raid:

Today is also my 20th birthday. Such a fun day for closed numbers  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

congrats on both

Niiiice :wink:

Congrats Karman on both :slight_smile:

Only thing is that you were not “at home” for this event :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you use +XP items btw?

Congrats.   I am at 99 lvl now.   Happy bday too

I know, it was just a matter of luck how I leveled up right in the first raid I made after going to visit. Oh, and I don’t use XP gear.

Hooh a treat is must…


Hey, Congrats buddy :wink: and happy birthday too. 7 level to go for me. Maybe I might get it too on my 20th birthday XD ?

take time to level up. 7 level before 100. One day its 2 week a level. In 4 month yeah its far lol

I made a mistake it should have been 7 instead of 9 as I am level 93 XD it might take 4 months for me too but my birthday is not before 6 months lol


well done and drink a bottle of beer on your birthday :slight_smile:

Congrats Krman and happy birthday too  :wink:

Hehe, congrats Karman! A nice coincidence. Lvl 100 and birthday :slight_smile:

Party time! Drinks on the house, spoils for the winners.

Congratulations Karman, that’s indeed a surprise gift on your birthday.

That’s it. I’m done. No, i’m not quitting :stuck_out_tongue:

I reached level 100, yabbadabbadooo! Thanks to these lovely XP items i needed “only” about 5 months after i reached level 80 :wink:

Next goal: level 101 and 106 for those level 130 special uber items. Come to me! :slight_smile:

Karman, i hope you don’t mind necroing this thread. I expect more members to post here in the near future, two are close :grinning:


Yeah, don’t worry. Congrats for that, bro!

Oh I reached 2 weeks back too.   Forgot to post. Yipeee

Congrats Karman on level 100! I have a ways to go to get there but look forward to it. Age 20 on the other hand is well in my rear view mirror :grinning: Happy birthday too!

Wuhuuuuu!! Now spend some and grab the #1 rank. LOL  :stuck_out_tongue:   I missed your birthday. I wasn’t much active on the forums around that time. Belated happy birthday buddy.  :wink:

Well done Karman!

Level 100 on your 20 birthday and your reputation is exactly 666 on this day of this post. Looks like a convergence.

Congrats Ed! :wink:

You can’t get by unnoticed :stuck_out_tongue: