And what about people who are cheating?

So we have an amassing player with a king at level 87 ,which does some miracles with a combo where players even using gems my self included,and on a much higher king hardly beat my base. Can someone from Flare team take a look into this matter please  ? 

  Please check this name KADIR DER GROFE ,from turk guku.Thanks .I’m 100% sure he has to go.



Apocalypse has long forgotten how to fight without gems :slight_smile:

How is that cheating? He simply found the weak point in your base. The spells and gear available at Lv.87 are more than enough to beat a maxed base as long as you get all your timing right.

Especially with Arblasters. Between the shielding, the damage immunity, and the healing, a group of elite arbs can /easily/ withstand /and/ take down a horde of skull towers. It’s not cheating, it’s just using OP tactics.





is not a valid argument


Nor is the assumption that a level 87 can easily take down a high level max base with the above data, I know many of the best raiders in the game I’m sure they will agree that the above is at best a fluke … if the base is truly maxed, 

LOL sentinel ok… its your point of view and I respect that.Just waiting for The Flare to finish their investigation. Wont take long anyway. In the mean time show me how is done without gems. I’m sure you can prove it to me.)))

Well, I am in Apocalypse, and have NEVER once used a scroll to beat an opponent yet - in war, or out of war.


If you meet Apoc in war, you will find us the strongest attacking Alliance in the game, bar none :slight_smile:


PS. I agree, Kadir has almost certainly cheated - or been VERY VERY VERY lucky with a fluke win.  Lance’s base can’t be beat by Kadir’s level stats and spells/troops combo used.

It could be like that on paper, but have you actually tried this? Cause in my experience, winning 5k+ trophies base without using scrolls and without instant spells (and if base is arblaster heavy) is impossible. More so - this guy actually won some other high bases before, without scrolls and with weird spell combos. Chances that he isn’t cheating are somewhere near 0.1%. Before really saying something - try it yourself next time.

This turk gucu guy been cheating since very long and hes not the only one getting away with it (FG cant detect cheaters and assume they are just skilled lmao no common sense) and sentinel please , I dont wanna sound rude or anything but this is the nicest thing I could say :

“Dont talk about something you dont know and never experience” or at least do some research first

It will only leads to more off topic debates that shouldnt be talk about in the first place sigh

And I could lose my place in my current alliance for that comment so you better make it worth it Sentinel

Sentinel, it is impossible to win a high level base using bladestorm, and without scroll. You need at least one instant spell for that!

Now that you mention it, the lack of an instant spell does seem odd. I was just looking at Sonic Blast and Shield, knowing that Shield can raise an army and that Sonic Blast can take down one extra tower per cast if used with the right timing (example: hitting a tower after you’ve gone around a corner, rather than hitting the tower before you go around the corner). But it’s still arrogant to think that you HAVE to scroll to beat a maxed based. With Arblasters especially, if you summon them in bursts, they’re more likely to heal each other, better-able to pick off targets, and more likely to allow ranged waves to move into the Melee zone or into the range of the main army. There are a lot of pro tips which (I assume) that a lot of top players forget, and assume that winning is based on raw strength alone.

Here’s why I think that he could win without cheating:

  • Arblasters, like I said, are great at picking off targets and are better at healing each other when summoned in packs.

  • Arblasters absolutely wreck skull towers, both by slowing them and by tearing them down. Because they’re slowed, a speedy king can easily kick back every volley before they explode, making them pretty much useless.

  • The king, then, only has to deal with snakes, Firebolts, ranged bombers (which, again, packs help you to avoid), and barricades. Given that his army consists mostly of healing Arblasters, and that he has such strong shields around him, I can easily imagine him being able to charge ahead with Sonic Blast, retreat back into his army, and regenerate. This might suggest, too, that he’s poison resistant. Maybe.

  • I doubt he’d have much time left at the end, which explains why he uses Mummy. And his Werewolf, if kept on a leash (held back with the bulk of the army) could easily Battlecry the Arblasters into attacking faster. Not to mention, he may also use Mummies to stun towers before he Sonic Blasts ahead.

I’m not saying it’d be easy, by any means whatsoever. In fact, I assume that he ends each battle with ~1HP and with 1sec to spare… But it is doable if you get /EVERYTHING/ right. So to assume that he’s cheating, or even to assume that those battles are easy, is just arrogant. Not saying that I know for sure how he raids, I just know that trying to blacklist him on the forums is a major overreaction, and is based on assumptions.

Hell, I had a raid recently wherein I died, the resurrection bottle appeared over my head right as the final cannoball hit the gate, and I got a 3-crown victory with a green bottle hovering over my head. Just because you win doesn’t mean you did so with a lot of wiggle room.

It’s impossible at high level, that’s all. I have two accounts, one high, one low. At low level, I completely understand with what you say, since I use arblasters in attack sometimes. But with my higher account, this is just impossible.

All members who answered are high level (Drum, Fii, RevenanT…). You can chose to not believe us, but we know what we say. If we all say the same thing, that’s because, maybe, we are right. Consider it :grinning:

“But it is doable if you get /EVERYTHING/ right.”


Can you actually prove this with a time based model of all the towers/waves/ attack troops and spells or it is just an assumption as everything else? 


The experience tells me that with that particular combo it’s not possible. Sorry but considering the difference in levels, we are playing a different game and you have 0 experience at the game we are playing. All the higher level players went through lower levels and we usually know what we are talking about.

I don’t know, my strategy world pretty well in the 4,000 range. I managed to beat a 4,200 range person using my gold boost gear set (not even wind boosted) and knights, cannons, and mummies (all unboosted) (this was the battle where I won just after dying) and still won without scrolls. I may not have ever faced a max base, but I do know that you can accomplish a lot with proper timing. Consider, too, that my Sonic Blast was 1 level below max, my Bladestorm was 2 levels below max, and my Swordrain can barely take down an unboosted Ogre. Again, not saying that I’ve ever faced a maxed base, but never underestimate a player just because they /seem/ weaker than you. Like I said, if I can beat someone 200 trophies higher than me with unboosted units and with gold boost set, then someone with maxed offense can probably take down anything.

I will prove it, though, once I max all my spells and units.