And what about people who are cheating?

We are talking about 5000+ trophies, not only 4200! There is a huge gap!

Ovoneus, I don’t how old or how strong minded you are, but my guess is that the first value is low and the second is high. Of course you will object to that statement. But based on what you saying in this forum, my theoretical understanding of you gives credibility to my claim. However, if I had known you personally and had practical knowledge on you, that would give more credibility to my claim… or even better if some more people with personal, practical experience on you (let’s say your mom,dad,relatives) spoke about you, I would definitely found their claims even more credible right?


I wouldn’t bother giving arguments if in this case, this person is a hacker or not, since to me and everyone else with high level experience in the game, it’s more than obvious. However, you can still finding theoretical arguments that make no sense to support the otherwise. 

I /think/ I’ve found the weaknesses in Lancelot’s base, but it, again, is based on sight rather than experience.

There are two things I would need:

  1. Video software that works for iOS

  2. To be temporarily let into Apocalypse for the sake of food and boosts.

It’ll cost me scrolls, because none of my spells are maxed yet (Shield is still Lv.3), but I may at least be able to show you how the Bladestorm/SB combo can be used to blast past the first overlap. If anything, it’ll at least give me some free experience of what max bases are like (: Please?

 My friend really …people which they were trying to have a conversation with you are actually being very nice.

      One day you will get to a level where you will understand what the big boys are talking about.We are discussing in here about something you can not understand just yet, because you never experienced what this level means.In that day when you will ,your words will be complete different and your thinking as well. So until that day please don’t bother  to have a conversation with us about how  the things works at 5000+ club.

    I’m not being rude and its not in my intentions to hurt your feeling in any way.But you need to grow first as simple as that.

    And really no one has the time to make experiments with you join Apocalypse just because you feel the need to last in my base under a minute. We have a different agenda and some work to do.So all members are quite busy. Sorry fella. And if you don’t trust me of what I’m saying ,just take a look one more time at my screen shots, and take note that from 8 tries in my base 1" brilliant" player made it . You can also see 2 guys from Vanguard 1 with 3 scrolls another one without. Without making lobby for Vanguard legion but ask around about them …they have some players over there. 

Even though you’re not going to like it, I’m still going to give my two cents to your base.

First, though, watch this video by Flothaboss:

It explains the usefulness of Wolves and Mummies on offense, and the detriment of packed-together spike traps on defense.

First of all, a good thing: You don’t use Snake Towers. According to Flothaboss’s videos, Snake Towers are nearly worthless against all those who use the Shield Spell.

The bad things:

  • In using only bombs, your towers do almost no damage to the king

  • The first obstacle you face, is the ranged bomber in the corner. That doesn’t do much… The first thing to do in a maxed base, is to build up an army, and to release 1 or 2 werewolves to boost it. By putting that ranged bomber there, since it is within range of Arblasters, you’re helping your opponent build up a huge army.

  • The 2nd obstacle you face is the Skull Tower across the lane. Obviously meant to bombard the opposing army while they’re facing the ranged bomber, but if the king stays behind/comes back, he can kick all the bombs back and make it useless.

  • Your first two barricades. Perfectly positioned to be taken down by a single Bladestorm.

  • Your first two Spike Traps. As in Flothaboss’s video, an attacker can merely scream past them. This would allow the attack to hit 2 Spike Traps + 3 Towers with just one Sonic Blast.

  • Your next Barricade is placed perfectly so that an opponent’s Bladestorm is fully charged by the time they reach it.

  • Your next Spike Traps are placed perfectly so that an opponent’s Sonic Blast is fully charged once they reach then. Walking along the left side of the first Spike Trap, the opponent can then Scream + Sonic Blast and hit 3 Spike Traps + 4 Towers.

  • On your last stretch, you have 3 Barricades, 2 Towers, and 1 Spike Trap. 1 Bladestorm can get past the first two barricades, and a Sonic Blast can then rip through 2 Towers + 1 Barricade + 1 Spike Trap.

Conclusion? This guy has one hell of a Scream boost, and your base is actually incredibly weak against the Bladestorm/SB combo. You do have maxed towers, but it’s clear that their placement is for a different spell combo than his.

And, again, watch Flothaboss’s video for why his units choice was superb for fighting off your units and finishing off your towers. Floth explains the Wolf/Archer/Mummy combo very well.

Edit: ninja’d

And you’re not hurting my feelings. I enjoy debating (: Obviously there are some things I don’t know (like just now, when updating myself on Flothaboss’s videos, I learned when are the best times to save Blizzard for!), but I also believe that there are some tactics that can only be developed at the lower levels, such as the usefulness of elite Arblasters. As someone in an unboosted alliance, I’ve learned every strength and weakness of elite Arblasters because they’re often the only boosted units I have. Likewise, because Arblasters suck so badly against towers, I’m found myself often having to devise my strategy around me vs. towers + Arbs vs units, which seems to be the strategy that this player used. I’m not saying that you’re 100% wrong or that I’m 100% right, but it’s still fun to offer different perspectives (:

Lol, you just made me cry a little from laughing so hard. Been pretty busy today, so I could use a little laugh, thanks!

But I have to ask, how do you plan to deal with his maxed(?) waves, more especific his elite healing arbs? Without an instant spell, three arbs in one wave keep healing eachother and the environment, si you will be stalled massively.

Actually, when it comes to Arbs vs. Arbs, they don’t heal each other often. Elite Arbs are mostly a problem for elite archers, whose AoE damage is nullified by the healing. But Elite Arblasters, surprisingly, all attack the same target at once, picking them off either 1 by 1 or 2 by 2. And because they do things this way, everything else is already either at max HP or dead whenever an Arb dies. The healing effect is next to none… The damage immunity, on the other hand, is a ***** to get past.

Don’t bother, he thinks that 5000+ trophies have only 22-24 moral waves lmao!

Sentinel, when your king and your troops are attacked from all sides (yes, because this is what it is at high level), your deary little arblasters will run away! x) Having an instant spell is the only way to raid tough bases (at the moment).

I don’t think so. Arblaster vs. Arblaster may be a waste of time, yes, but perhaps that’s not the army he was pushing through. He could build up an army of Arbs to stall the /other/ army, whilst he and maybe a few mummies stormed through, allowing him to pummel the opposing army, allowing his army of arbs to break free with enough time left to reach the gate. It only takes about 10 seconds to bring down the gate, you know, which means that the army only needs to be broken free by 1min 19sec remaining.

Yes your gate maybe less than .Some different gates maybe NOT. So please stop this nonsense of yours.You have no clue. Stop talking.

      Everything in your last post it is just your reality and whatever you think you may know about this game. You think that once you are in front of the gate with 10 sec left that’s it. The gates start opening ,and out of the gates some girls are offering biscuits and tea for the brave soldiers and maybe a kiss for the winners…unbelievable…10 sec…mate in less than 4 sec sometimes your hole army is gone like never been there…anyway

Hey, if you don’t want to improve your base, that’s up to you. My entire point is, don’t act like your base is unbeatable just because everything is max-level. Blacklisting a player for showing you up is just bad sportsmanship.

Now, if you can prove to me that this combo is impossible, or that this player was cheating, then I’ll back off and say I was wrong. But to say that “I’m right! You’re wrong! LALALALALALA!” is just… You make Apocalypse look bad. None of us can see what went on behind that 100% victory, and until we do know, you need to stop making assumptions. Also on a moral note, you need to stop acting like others are inferior for offering suggestions.

Lol why did anyone reply to Sentinel in the first place!? XD


He is a sparrow telling the eagle how to soar.

That is how it works on paper and maybe on low level. But in real high level life - there is literally no way to win scroll free top bases with arblasters, let alone without an instant spell. There are too many skull towers and arblasters health is just too low. +boosted mummy in defense, about 3 per wave. If you do not have archers at the start - you would never beat the timer. Cause arblasters can’t AOE knights fast enough and king cannot deal with knights all by his spells.

As I’ve and Fii Nami did too - do not try to give advice on something you don’t know. All the top players had high expectations from boosted arblasters in attack before they were released, well, not anymore.


This player and a number of other players from that particular alliance are cheating, I know it, many others know it, flare are aware of it, but they currently lack the capacity to prove it or stop it, it seems. No one wants to prove YOU wrong, we just want flare to be aware there is another cheat in the game and to do something about it for a change.


A couple more levels and a different spell combo and high elite boosts and yes this player may be able to take down a top base every second or third attempt, but with this combo it is dubious to say the least.

Using Kader’s combo I cannot beat my own base which I comfortably beat using standard high level raid combo with 28 seconds left (TWENTY EIGHT!) and the base is easier than Lance’s tho waves strenght is around the same I’m sure (I beat Lance scroll free on 2nd try) because I use my own design and not the more effective L base, I cannot see why Sentinel keep debating on this

Hi Sentinel, You are a very creative person, as evidenced by the multiple ideas your are posting in the forums, and this is a very good thing. Most of us just emulate what we have seen work in others. Having said that ideas need to be field tested before they can gain larger acceptance. The Forums are not know for their polite and positive conversations. Several high level players have taken the time to engage with you (in a fairly positive tone which they should be commended for) and point out some elements that seem off in your idea: lack of an instant spell, gameplay diferential between 4k and 5k trophy level, etc. 


Believe me, it is not that they are narrow minded but as the game progresses, the large gamut of options you had at lower levels shrink to a few working solutions because of the strength of huge waves/towers. Once a new effective strategy emerges, lots of people adopt it.


Learning and giving back

I once suggested that you that join a strong alliance where you could shared you ideas and field test them but also get coaching/training from experience players. I would respectfully do so again. Do us all a favor, and hone your skills and experience in a TOP 30 alliance so that the community can benefit from the fountain of creative ideas that you have demonstrated to be. You are not the average player. Go harness that unrealized potential.


Ref: Recording your strategy: 1) Video recording software for iOS: I use it works very well. There is a free trial for 7 or 14 days if my memory serves me right. 2) UvT runs same boost as Apocalypse, although our Arbs might be less good on account of having fewer fiefs     I did offer to house you for a few hours in a seperate thread.  My offer stands until the start of the next war season.




Knight Gallant  

It’s data table modifying, this cannot be fixed. If Flare want absolutely fix this, this is the price to pay:

-100 times better severs and each reagion will have its own sever (ex:. North America palyer are on one sever and Europe on another, the sever has to be physically in the continent).

-Battle handled by the sever

-Lag in battle

-Phone users with slow network will not be able to play


-1 patch every week, changing the the way battles are handled

-Slower game

-More bug and crush


Flare can always ban these players, but we cannot eliminate them all.

I don’t know what they have to do but they must act whenever there is a serious question about a player. Otherwise I don’t see the point for me or people like me investing in this game money and time .I do like the game very much but that wont stop me to be in may way out if cheaters gets away with it.I mean I need a lot to upgrade to get to some decent results while this guys only need a software always farm bases with lots of gold and boom free UPGRADES.They make the most of their bread and after that as politician say LETS BE FULL OF HONESTY. If this will not get investigated and sorted flare will have one more less player. I really don’t see the point.

   Tomorrow some other weirdo, with a low level king , will claim it was a fluke.When we all know that is not possible. If cheaters have lots of fun vs our bases that’s  OK but not at my expense.