Andro and iOs are back on track with video ads but...

WHAT about win users?!

Windows has a different provider that’s always low on offers.

If i`m not wrong its Vungle… and its work fine on android…


This is PrtSc from andro… so? the same provider …

Android/IOS run on Fyber if i remember correctly, or other way around.

Either way the providers are different. :stuck_out_tongue:


*Side note, i personally notice that you get more offers as you stay logged in on windows, if you keep disconnecting there often is no offer when you reconnect, takes a few min.

Yes, we have Vungle ads on Windows.

I only notice that when I start to boost taverns or farms (don’t do that often) I run fast out of videos. But the WSReset trick brings them back, so just a matter of minutes before they are active again.

When boosting all taverns for example by watching videos, do let a couple of minutes to pass before you go for the next video. Or you will start getting the “No video offers”.

Sometimes, restarting your computers brings videos back. Or WSReset on Command Prompt as Dena4 has suggested.

What is the WSReset trick?

WSReset trick

  • Close the game
  • Opening a command prompt as Administrator 
  • Type WSReset.exe and press enter
  • Let the command do it’s job, wait till the prompt returns.
  • Wait a few more minutes and log in again.
  • Most times your videos work again.

WSReset means Windows Store reset. If some people have trouble in Windows Store because the app crash or the download stucks,etc… Reset the cache of Windows Store can solve the problem. In RR2 I guess its because on PC the game are from Windows Store its the reason why WSReset can work.

If you have Windows 10 you can go just in Cortana search : wsreset and cortana find for you in 1 second or less the command. People still use command prompt like if they use old Windows lol but with cortana you save a lot of time in manipulation

Even at Android, video ads often fail to give reward, sometimes it works most of time it fail. Try to ‘restart - repeat several times’ attempt failed too. Wait for fix 1 day still none fixed. Suddenly it’s very hard just to get boost from video ads these days, again, occurs after this war season started. :angry: