(android alliance) - Knights of Light! - Level 11 - English - Donation req. 100k (alliance tower lvl 8)

Knights of Light!

Alliance Level: 11

Members: 1/16 apply to join 

*War is a low priority in this alliance*

I’m trying to form an alliance that boosts JUST attacking units 24/7 so you can win more raids to level up faster. This alliance will avoid spending money on barrier/tower boosts and shields during war (with some luck, maybe we can win war boosts haha). I’m looking for members who are tired of wars and want to help start-up a laid back alliance :wink:


Requirement: 100k Donation minimum. Donating 5+ days a week would be great. Any hero level welcome.


  • 3 days in a row of no donation = boot. Feel free to reapply.
  • Priority for spending alliance gold: 1. Boosting most popular attacking units. 2. Leveling up alliance. 3. Paying for champions.
  • Please let me know when you change your main attack units so I can keep track of the most popluar units in the alliance.
  • We takes turns being champion if there’s still gold in bank. When your turn comes up, you can accept and tell me which battle you want it in or you can pass.
  • New members are added to the “end” of the champion list. (imagine a clock, number 5 is next to be champion, new member is added at 4:30)

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