Android Exclusive Hero Gear

Does anybody still have the ‘Android Crown’ in there inventory?


Shortly after the end of the FB food promotion back last year, some players turned on there games to find a nice gift from flare. A unique hero gear that looked like the helmet the Android icon/avatar wears.

The gear also had gold boost secondary effect. Its value was based on your hero LV the day it was given.


Also I remember Jason W doing a short Vid on the Item after he got one. couldn’t find it on utube because a looking up the words “Android” and “royal revolt 2” cast 2 wide a net (and Jason does gazillians of vids :grinning:


*Windows players: don’t bother looking under your X-mas tree. they don’t do awesome things like that for people like you around here. go wrap some toilet paper around your head and play mummy in the highway or something. ya piss ants!


Anyways, If you happen to have one collecting dust in your inventory or know where I might look to see, id LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a pic of it for something I’m working on :slight_smile:

Hey huck,


On our side, we will see what we can do to help you with this :grinning:

ha ha huck im a piss ant window user …but thanks for the suggestion…i have lots of bathroom tissue

I still have mine, but the pic file is too big to upload.

Thanks trying, anyways Goblin.

Sounds like Aether might be able to produce a pic for me.


OOOO UNLESS she’s hinting there may be Windows excusive gear headed our way…

lolz what would a Window crown look like I wonder…graduation cap?


Wouldn’t look as slick as the Android crown but it sure wouldn’t get any complaints from this hero

Ahaha as far as I know there is nothing special like this for Windows, but I am not aware of all surprises if it was to happen :stuck_out_tongue:


And yes, I asked if it would be possible to have this picture, and it should be :slight_smile:

I am really curious about it too, as I never saw it and didn’t know it exists…

By the way on Blacksmith video of Flare there is the android crown at minute 0:12sec (put velocity to 0.25 of video)

Flothaboss has it. 0:20

I would like to see how the king looks when wearing it :slight_smile:


It’s very low level, but I kept it because I think it’s hilarious :slight_smile: