Android to Windows

Android account to windows phone

Is there a possibility that I can use my account in my android phone to my windows phone?



Of course you can do it, just take a look at this guide: :slight_smile:

I believe a lot of people need a clarification if the game will continue to work on windows after transferring to android… and the answer is yes, the game will continue to work on both platforms!


Thank you for this valuable information. I will get an iPhone this year and would want to play the same account on Android and iOS.

The support page right now says, that it is not possible to play one account on two different platforms.


Aether: maybe you can tell the people in charge to change the following text on the support page?


I would like to sync my progress across two different devices. How can I do this?

It is generally possible to sync your game to a second device as long as both devices are using the same OS. For example: If you are playing the game on an Android device, you can only sync your game data with another Android device. However, you cannot sync it with an iOS or Windows device.


I’m playing on Windows (desktop Win 10) and Android right now… The support page is definitely wrong there. It works now across multiple platforms!