Angelic - An intermediate guild with BOOSTS

Angelic is a guild currently fit for ambitious, intermediate players. But it’s not like most intermediate guilds

What sets us apart?

  • The biggest thing that sets us apart, is our elite boosts. Rather than focusing purely on leveling up, I use our gold to buy Ogre boosts between 5:00pm and 11:00pm CT (gmt-6) every day, and even moreso on weekends. I assure you, Stunning Ogres are much better than the extra 1% gold bonus you might get from a guild focused only on leveling up.

  • We help each other. Whether you need tips to improve your defense, or if you need a stronger member to counter-farm someone who’s picking on you, you tell us, and we’ll help you.

What are our requirements?

  • We expect everyone to pull their weight. It takes all of us donating to afford the ogre boosts while still making progress towards leveling-up. As of now, the minimum donation amount is 20k per day.

  • 1,500+ trophies. Again, this goes back to everyone pulling their own weight. We want as big of a gold boost as possible, and that means bringing with you, a fair amount of trophies.

  • We have a few basic rules. No cheating; no spamming; know English.

What are the downsides?

  • The one downside is that I’m not very sentimental. When someone falls behind, I usually do kick them. I’m looking for intermediate players who plan to advance themselves with me, not players who intend to stay intermediate. As the market allows, our requirements will increase, and those who are not at them will be given a week to reach them, or be kicked. To be honest, though the minimum is 1.5k trophies and 20k donations, you really should have 2k+ trophies and 50k+ donations to be safe.

  • The guild is going to grow very rapidly. I myself have about 3k trophies and donate 250k per day, soon to be donating 500k per day. So the guild should jump about 1 level per week. You’ll have to be a daily player to keep up.

If you’re interested, look up Angelic and apply today! (: