Angelic looking for high donators.

I’m reevaluating Angelic’s strategy based on a few things:

Gold Boost-

Although trophies matter for Gold Boost in the short term, having more member slots available obviously provides a greater boost in the long-term. Ergo, long-term growth is more important than today’s boost.

Alliance Wars-

The more you lose, the weaker your opponents get. So even if you got rid of your top players and took in a bunch of low-trophy hig-hdonators, you’d only lose a few seasons before being at a suitable level again (that being said, that’s not Plan A). Considering the opportunity for quicker long-term growth in exchange possibly for a few weeks without Arbs, it seems like a worthwhile investment.

Because of these things, I’m editing our requirements. Rather than having to be 2,500+ trophies and 50k+ donations, plus active in war to get in, you now simply have to have 100k+ donations (although, 2.5k+ 50k+ are still accepted).

Again, what we have to offer:

  • 29% Gold Boost

  • Decent growth, as of now. We bring in 1.5mil a day, but we spend a lot of it.

  • If War Boosts have not been won, we activate Storm Cannons once a day at 5:00pm CT (gmt-6). This is why our 1.5mil per day turns into only 1mil per day. But, obviously, with higher donators, this number will dramatically increase (:

  • Helpful people. We’ll help you improve your base at any time of the day (:

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