Angelic Strategy

I’m not sure if this fits in General Discussion (since it’s to discuss strategy) or under Alliances since it is about an alliance. Mods can determine that. But this thread is solely for the sake of discussing the strategy of the upcoming Wars.

May 4th (Star Wars today! :wink:

Today we need to talk about elite Paladins. We managed to win on all 4 fronts yesterday, and I could not be a prouder alliance leader 3 And today we’re even stronger. However, Chien is activating elite boosts today to try to defend against us, and we need to know how to defend against that:

Tips to beating elite paladins:

  • Elite Paladins heal themselves, so it’s a bad idea to choose units that only attack one opponent at a time. Werewolves, for example, are useless against Holy Paladins (quite fitting, isn’t it?)

  • Ogres are strong against paladins. Ogres’ hard hit knock most paladins out in one strike, preventing them from healing. And even if not, in attacking them all at once, they usually die in 2 hits, at most.

  • Elite Archers. Those bomb arrows deal damage to all paladins at once, + are amazing at attack structure cross-lane. If your archers are of decent level, I would recommend including these in your defense. I will activate them now.

  • Mummies are good against paladins. Mummies, too, have AoE hits, and deal double damage against Paladins. So if you ever find yourself pinned down by a herds of Paladins, summon a Mummy shield! (: (Special thank to Towns for reminding me of this ^_^’)

  • Cannons are practically useless. Elite Paladins are always the biggest hurdle to get past, and this, you have to use all of your Morale summoning units that can beat them. With so little room for cannons, there’s no need to activate elite cannons today.

  • Because Elite Paladins are so good at Melee combat, you want to avoid contact with them as much as possible. If you typically use touch-and-go spells such as Hellfire, Bladestorm, or Sonic Blast then just touch them and go. Get right up next to a horde, cast your spells, and then run like Hell. Holy Paladins hate Hell. So yeah.

May 3rd:

I’m keeping this to the same thread, but we need to discuss the strategy of today.

Here are the things we need to consider:

  1. Chien has 5, Big Cats has 5 Pocur has 4, and we have 3

  2. Pocur always attacks the #1 alliance

  3. We can’t beat Pocur

  4. Pocur won’t be able to declare war on the last day (:

So, what do we need to do? My prediction is that Pocur is going to attack Chien, leading to 5, 4, and 4. We then need to attack Big Cats, making it 5, 4, 4, and 4. Now, Chien is boxed in, and we’re able to defend against them, so they’re not a threat. That means that on the final day, we can easily beat Big Cats again for our 5th fiefdom. Pocur, however, may either Chien, or they might even attack us. If they attack us, I’ll pull out all the stops for a full day, and we’ll push them back. Luckily we have enough actives now to be able to beat Pocur even without boosts, but I just want to be sure. Hopefully, though, they’ll attack Chien again.

My point is, Pocur is probably going to have 6 fiefdoms by the end of this. But we definitely are (: And as it stands right now, we have 133k Skulls as opposed to their 72k skulls, and we’re fighting in 3 wars today as opposed to their 1.

So how is this a sure victory? Well, I believe we can catch them off-guard. They will be getting their 6th fiefdom soon after we get our 5th. And they will be confident about their lead. The problem? They can’t attack on the last day (; So on the last day, we tie the fiefdom score, and beat their skull count. They’ll be helpless to do anything about it.

Summary: We harvest Big Cat.

(I’m going to lay out everything that I think will happen depending on our decisions these next few days.

  • Scenario 1: We go Right, towards Italia

In immediately boxing in Chien, we get an extra War from them. So +1 Wars. However, Italia is on the run, and Big Cats is on the hunt. So there is the large possibility of either Italia getting away before we can box them in, or Bug Cats seeping into them and taking them out.

  • Scenario 2.0: We go Left, towards upper Prodigy.

In leaving Right Italia alone, Chien will attack it, and we will not have that opportunity to collect Skulls. However, Italia will attack the other Prodigy province. This will essentially cock-block Big Cats, forcing them to attack Pocur again. And this could be either good or bad. Because either: A) Big Cats loses, and we’re in the lead. Or :sunglasses:

Scenario 2.1: We go Down towards what is currently lower Prodigy

Going Down after going Left ensures that Italia is boxed in. It once-again cock-blocks Big Cats from being able to attack them. Then Italia is forced to attack us for the rest of the season.

Scenario 2.2: We go Left, towards Big Cats.

Attacking Big Cats is risky, for a number of reasons. First of all, despite us being better-matched against them than Pocur has been, we still don’t know how we’ll fair overall. I mean, they have 50% more skulls than us. We don’t know that those skulls will go away just because their lower members are helpless against us. Not only that, but they also have the chance to squeeze into our box and wipe out Italia entirely. The reward, though? If we win, and Big Cats doesn’t attack Italia (though I’m sure they would; they’re only strong against Pocur during the Elite Boosts), then we’ll be in the lead and will also have Italia boxed in.

I’m going to let all of you vote on this. I personally support scenario 2.1. I feel that once the elite boosts expire, Big Cats will be no match for Pocur. Driving them into Pocur will make them lose, putting us in the lead and crushing their hope, plus we will then have both Italia and Chien boxed in.)

Great summary. I have a question: what is the benefit of boxing in Italia? Why do we care if they break free into the west? If we go west in scenario 2.1 and take them out, Chien will simply do the same on the right side. Italiana won’t be boxed in; rather they’ll simply be eliminated. How does that help us?

I guess I’ll repost my other thoughts here too (they are in the PM to you):


To elaborate on what I’m thinking:


Only two things matter. Number of fiefdoms, and number of skulls. As far as fiefdoms, we can only attack once per day. If there are certain alliances we can’t kill, we will just have to avoid them…but it will be hard to tell that in advance. 


But the deciding factor, as you know, is skulls. Right now Big Cats has 2x our skulls, but that is only because they are both attacking and defending. Actually if you double our skulls (to account for the extra defense), we are slightly ahead of them. Like us, Big Cat has 26K average skulls. The bigger threat in terms of skulls is actually Chien, because they are averaging almost 28K per attack. If we can’t hold off Chien we will be in trouble, so we can only hope that our members step it up.


Now if we attack to the east, we box off Chien, forcing them to attack us four more times (assuming we can repel them). That will grant us four full defenses of skulls. Italiana might escape to the west, but I don’t think we care about that. 


You said in the game that the two strats are equal. If we attack west, and Chien attacks Italiana’s square instead of us, we lose one chance to earn skulls while defending against Chien. I’m assuming attacking us west gives some sort of advantage that I’m not seeing?

No, because if we take West Prodigy, then current-day South Prodigy, Italia will still be left with that one fiefdom they’re about to win right now (:

And just to clarify: 2.1 means west from our current target? And 1.0 means east from our current target (this is my vote)?

East of West from the space just above our current target ^_^’

No, wait. West means means attacking the uppermost Prodigy territory, the one that Italia isn’t currently attacking

hey its me lucky, so… about this south and west thing i bit confused… can you just use left or right from us or below enemies?

Left, right? Or below? Alright. Let me edit it real quick ^_^’

Alright, I clarified everything ^_^’

alright… then im scenario 2.2


here’s the reason 

for today wars, we and chien get italia fiefdom right?


they get prodigy…


day two: chien will attack italia and we attack prodygy 


if big cats attack prodigy and they attack each other too then its our winning


in day 3 and so on chien, big cats and pocur will attack us or we attack them


the last day the will not have choice unless attack angelic


that scenario is better


we have more fiefdom than them or we have more skulls


its easier to explain with picture 


but maybe you understand of my plan

I’m hoping that Italia will attack Prodigy before Big Cats gets the chance. They have a 12min head start.

so… in the last day we can overtake our loss if all angelic members attacking back in self defense


i mean half members like now 

We should have a lot more members in a few days. Plus I’ve boiled kicking/recruiting down to a science, so members shouldn’t be a problem after today.

nah… im hopping big cats plan wipe out pocur… so we will take last pocur fiefdom if that the case so big cats must attack us to get more fiefdom

Ah, nice! 0: That’s actually a really good idea. But it’s hard to do that because they only need 2 more wars to wipe out Pocur, and it’ll take us 2 days just to box them off from everything else.

italy only have 1 fiefdom too 


between big cat and angelic


just tell our general never declare wars in defense fiefdom if they attack us 

doesnt matter if they wiped pocur they need to attack us to get fiefdom, e will take their fiefdom in above prodigy or italiana i forgot,


and chien will have to attack us they in the same situation as big cats


we just need to defense as long as we dont lose fiefdom we win


and if that work they can only declare wars to us not defense as long as we not attacking them  we just need to wipe out prodi or italy… 

Alright, so, here’s what I’m thinking right now:

We go Left. Depending on what happens tomorrow, we can then either attack Bug Cats for a Fiefdom Win, or box in Italia for a Skull Win. We only lose 1 War by letting Chien have Right Italia, but by ensuring Italia’s survival, we’re allowing ourselves the options for 3 more wars. So I definitely want to go Left. Left gives us more options and makes sense in terms of how many times we get to be attacked.