Animortals and Beasts

I’d like some help. How many donations of animortals are needed to release Beasts to the Alliance. Thanks.

50 donations unlock normal beasts
25 donations unlock pro beasts

you can see that info on your Castle Gate, on the screen where you equip the beasts to your defense

It depends on the beast you are trying to unlock. For a normal pal it will take 100 pal donations. For rare pals the price is different. For instance: Aki, Aska, Kaiser, Bucky, Eldrak, Nidhogg, Fritz, Irmgard, and Bela all cost 50 of their pal to unleash. Some (if not all) pro beasts, like Ceres and Phoebe, will cost only 25 to unlock, because of how expensive they are. 

If you want to check the prices yourself, just head down to the Castle Gate, click on it, and you will see the option to click the Pal Icon, which is a green tag with claw marks on it. Click that and you will see the prices

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I’m in a level 21 alliance that still has no beasts. My question was: How many animortals donated by alliance members do they need for the game to release beasts?

come join our alliance…we have many beasts…problem solved…idk how many to unlock them …prolly ur alliance lvl tbh…not donations…to get to use them at all

i think the question ur trying to ask is, at wat lvl is an alliance able to use beasts