Animortals & Beasts

I wonder if the level of an animortal will be the same when I choose it as a beast. For example: I have the animortal (rabbit) Bucky level 9 to attack, if I choose Bucky as Beast to defend it will also be level 9, or the levels of the animortals have no relation to the level of the beast. Thank you.

No,it won’t be the same level. The level of beast is same for all alliance members,and it depends how much pals (in this case Bucky) all members donated to the alliance.

Yes, the defense beast be of the same level for all the alliance members(the defense beasts, leveled through pal donation). Although the strength of the beasts depends on the King’s/Queen’s level as well. So higher level King/Queen will have more stronger beast.

For both offense/defense the pal strength increase with King level as well as pal level. You level up your offense pal using pal treats. Offense pals are bound to you, others can’t use it.

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