Anniversary sale??

On the rr2 Facebook page they announced an anniversary sale running right now.

There should be discounts on something in the game… 

Do somebody know anything about that?? 

I didn’t notice any difference in the pricing… 

I have had one time offers and the price of 7500 gems is half,  my son has an offer of half price on a different gem package.

I don’t get this on either iPad or Android.

Thats a very sad anniversary sale…should give 50% off the 20k pack, otherwise better give nothing at all…

50% ? Best offer I have gotten today was this one:

Sadly, it showed disconnect after clicking it and then disappeared.

Hope it will be back.

After I bought the small gem pack for 50% off it changed to a larger pack for a % discount

Well I got no price discount, just 50% more gems for the biggest pack ? 

I’ve seen a legit 90% off on 20k pack about 3 years ago…can purchase that 5 times…100% surely a bug though or maybe its just combination of all discount lol

Well I got this offer, not really different from the usual times I keep getting this… being an anniversary sale, would have at least expected a 50% offer on the price

Great. I have offer 20.000 gems for 150 USD :(. Somebody has -50% and probably somebody +50% :slightly_frowning_face:

I got the 30,000 for $99.99 offer. Was hoping for 50% off the 20,000 I’ve gotten in the past.

I have 50% off on largest pack

You’re my enemy from now