Announcement In-Game?

Why should members on the forum have advantages over those who aren’t? I do believe that the Official Announcements should be put up for players (on the forum or not) as soon as they log in. That way players don’t get left behind in certain events where you need workers. While they could be in an alliance that has members on the forum, I think it would still be nice to have that pop up as a back up plan. Right now the pop-up only comes up on the day of the event

That, plus event timer that gives easily accessible info on time remaining till end of event and what the event actually does, in case you forget. Like ninja, war, festivals, everything really.

And no, I will not let this go. I will keep bringing it up until you implement it, flare. :angry:

That’s the wrong way to look at it.

You can either chose to look for the information to take the full benefits of that, or not. It’s 100% your choice. The information is out there.

In the end, nobody is forcing you to do anything. You just chose what you want to do and then deal with the consequences of your actions.

True, but what if you are unable to get an account. I mean, if you don’t have email or something. You should get announcements in game no matter what. The advantages we get are that we can ask for stuff to be added

ok how can someone play games connected to online without having an account?I mean no offence bt in game announcements are available,but only when an event starts.

It would be nice to get an event icon that shows the start & end time better.