Announcement: Windows 10 Support

Hey everyone,


We have an important announcement concerning the upcoming full release of Windows 10 on July, 29th:


At this time, Royal Revolt 2 will not be supported on the new version of Windows at launch. However, we are actively evaluating it and will provide more details on future support as soon as possible.


If you are planning to switch to Windows 10, please note that you might run into unexpected issues when playing Royal Revolt 2 on the new operating system.







“…run into unexpected issues when playing RR2 on the NEW operating system…”



bonjour mon ami jack 

merci beaucoup pour se que tu fait pour nous tous les joueurs de rr2 possédant encore la version de Windows 8.1 donc ses pour cela grasse a de précieux conseil et aussi 

de sécurité comme cela va nous permette encore le pouvoir de continuer a jouer dans le jeu de rr2 .

merci encore jack de cette super information de sécurité .

je te dis amitié du jeu rr2 @+jimmi 

Someone installed w10

He cannot even download/install the game.

Вы больше не можете использовать Royal Revolt 2


“You cannot use rr2 anymore”

With many loyal rt2 players utilizing the windows platform, it’s not right to cut them off like this. Flare needs to fix this before the release date of Windows 10. Do the right thing.


Windows players can still play, just not with W10 … yet. So they won’t be cut off, unless they cut themselves off by upgrading before a fix is in place.

Tough choice, either free Windows 10 update, and life without RR2, or keep Windows 8 and miss free update to Windows 10, but keep playing RR2 :slight_smile:

I am Happy that i already installed RR2 in Windows 10  before they removed it (?) :/ and it’s Working good in Windows 10 except few minor bugs , no major issue in RR2 I can confirm :v  :slight_smile:

Windows users discrimination… Business as usual in flares… Thank you guys.

Any decent developer would have tested and ensured Windows 10 compatibility already considering that the preview versions were already out for ages. But let Flare ignore the most used software platform in the world. Pathetic. 

Does this mean that you are actively working to ensure Windows 10 compatibility and support? Because it sounds like you are only evaluating whether or not it’s even worthwhile to even develop Windows 10 compatibility.

It really seems like Flare just wants this game to die. This saddens me.

Ok, as RR2 was made with the Unity engine, and a quick googling yielded that the engine will most probably support windows 10 from 5.2 on (which is to be released in September 2015), chances are that RR2 can introduce support for windows 10 after that date with relative ease, unless something goes completely wrong. Depending on whether or not they have (and use) access to any prerelease versions of unity 5.2, they could even work on adjustments for win10 compatibility before that date. Before having access to the win10 build option of the upcoming unity version, they won’t probably try to get it to work somehow outside unity though, nor would I if I were them. 



However, I have no insight in details of changes from win8 to win10, or flaregame’s plans, code or whatever, so I can’t state anything there with certainty. 


i need to upgrade my desktop to windows 10 … can i tranfer my account to my phone its also wifndows phone but it wil take time to upgrade to windows 10 too ???


can i tranfer it ???

It’s a risk that then you can’t download rr2 for windows 10 because maybe it’s not available rr2 for windows 10 =/

i don’t know if they remove the app or not but it was available few days ago :confused: i downloaded rr2 on win10 myself with no problem :confused: :slight_smile:


If I am understanding your question correctly, setup your Windows phone with the same account you have your computer setup with (the computer has to be attached to your Windows Live account). Install the game. Run it and pick a different hero name. When you get through the tutorial, you should be prompted to load from the cloud. I can do this between computers but have not attempted to transfer my Windows PC account to a my Windows phone.


This may help, too:

Not to worry , but let us see how it goes. As of I know due to the increased hackers this move is being made.


This game can only be hacked via PC version of RR2. I think FLARE had to do this for evaluating purposes. 


SUPERCELL a famous game making company also said they would not make any game for PC anymore due to these increased cheaters and hackers who use Cheat Engines… 


Good bye Cheaters !!! Windows 10 is coming !!! Wooo hooo