Annoying During Ship Raid (Windows Phone)

I am here to talk about specially windows phone. We facing following problem in Ninja Event :


*During the Ship raid near gate the ship is completely dipped in one side so we can’t destroy any tower near the gate


*As I already said lots of time the insta key touch button is annoying us to go back so no chance to destroy towers near the gate


*Please change the focus mode of playing style means increase the angle of view during raiding … In present it’s little annoying


##Suggestions or Our Requirements for Ninja Event


*Please don’t removed the doom gate because the doom gate take a time to destroy so we can destroyed the towers near gate

*Please ogre should not be attack on gate as happened in previous 2 events because we have more time to destroy towers near gate

*If possible please remove all ships from the Ninja event they are really annoying or please work on view angle and when ship dipped near gate in one side I really really hate it

*Please work on Ranking system it not good at present time…it should be as the same numbers of coin players should be in one rank and who have less then they should be in 2 Rank…means its should be not matter how many players are in Rank 1 or Rank 2

*Please change cof system it should not be have any coins. If possible set a target for Rank 1,Rank 2 etc. It’s should be not depend on cof coins

\ *Please Please Please don’t put any tower near the gate it’s not helping you to give gems

Thank you,

Hope you will working on it.

I see you are in need of t est defence availability in Ninja Event.

If you get to test the defense before actually going to attack then it will help to.

I hate to say it - but due to the lack of windows phones (less than 1%), if Flare dropped support entirely I wouldn’t be surprised.

Article below says Microsoft is going to sell their lumina line - the line that is responsible for 95% of their entire phone base, and won’t be making any new ones this next year compounding their already abysmal sales loss…