Annoying Insta troop touch key

I am windows phone user and I am facing the problem with insta troop touch from long time…please can you change their position!!! It annoying me when I want to come back towards my tent… I want to give my suggestion if possible there should be a hiding option or the insta troop touch should come only when the cooldown is complete…means if we spawn the insta troop then the place of insta troop touch should be work as a empty space so we can easily handle our hero …hope you understand what I want to say…please work upon it


Thank you ?

Yes this had to be changed it is very much annoying while coming back towards tent,we are spawning insta unwantedly,hope they fix this(they wont)

Same problem with the scrolls. Repositioning (or hiding) the buttons for the scrolls would also be a nice idea.

hey flare plz read it…and please work open it… Thank you