Another 12min added in PL!

That’s it for “listetning to players”. After your complete failure last PL of adding a “compensation” of 12 minutes  1 hour before the end … you did it again this league. This time like 20 minutes before the end and with no notification ? Excuse me but you suck. You will never learn, will you ?


That’s right. They suck. PL is the biggest joke, just like FG. Adding 12 minutes without notifying the people. Some have an advantage others don’t. Others play with multiple accounts, others with shared accounts. With one simple trick, you can score high in every PL, you don’t need skills

@PaSte @flaretara

I’m not even sure why I am tagging you guys if you don’t answer anyway but you really should considering removing PL nonsense completely if you cannot handle making it fair. Stop embarassing yourself and disrespecting players in that way.


Disappointed I’d say

I was ranking 19 when 10 minutes left and hoping to get a silver crown , thinking that its nonlikely any change will be made in the last minutes. Making a long call, go back and check. WTF? People flooding the top 20 and push me down to 26!

I’m VERY disappointed. What’s more, this is not the first time

The first maintenance we executed today unexpectedly caused connection issues for many players, so we decided to revert it, to have the game run smoothly again. Unfortunately this reactivated the additional 12-minutes for the Pro-League again. This wasn’t intended, but necessary to at least have everybody connect again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

“Sorry for the incovenience” is FG slogan.


Thanks for replying dear god!

So, can you revert all the score people made after the maintenance? (People who basically uses more than 35min)


Haha damn Its a joke ???

Of course they can’t !

Maybe adding 12 minutes was not intended, but as Paste said, it was necessary! So they knew about it, yet no notification or action taken to make it fair. Neither this time, nor last time, they didn’t think about making it somehow fair for everyone by for example extending PL for a day and giving a proper notification in game/forum/fb so everyone can know about it. Instead, they decided once again to screw up players on purpose. Such a nice company they are!

They just need to investigate the total playing time in proleague of players. Is that too hard? I think it’s recorded on the servers

its everytime the same thing going on: You do a server maintenance and after that half of the game isn’t working well… Could happen and it also wouldn’t be a problem if you do it BETWEEN PL AND WAR/NINJA… So if something doesn’t works than you have plenty of time to fix it and nobody is effected in such a way. Come on this should be possible for sure

Yes, why the fck making a server maintenance in the vey last hour of proleague, that included Froster stats? Cant it be delayed for a few hours? And then this mess

Yeah, you’re welcome. Flare needs another sentence.

Players think PL rankings are a joke and they are.

Why don’t you do these changes after the end of a PL and before the start of a new one?

Besides, this level of communication is a joke. Where is that Ostrich picture?

i have no words.

I know this situation. Thats mean no managment now. Seems this article about buncrupt was more serious


When you guys will learn lesson?


NEVER make any update, any maintense and etc during event( war, pro, ninja and etc).

You always make same shit and i really dnt understand why?

Who was so smart to change Frosters settings while Froster Pro?

really its become to be hard to be on your side now

Sorry for the incovenience




Here it is  Ostrich animated emoticon