Another black screen bug, this time in Pro League

Black Screen happening in Pro League now. Sigh…

Contacted Customer Support already (in case anyone were to put this boilerplate reply).

These days, whenever I report a bug, all I get from Flare is “Sorry for the inconvenience but no compensation this time”.

Let’s see if Flare refuses to compensate this time too.

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Hi LacunaC,
Could you please have a look at this post and maybe give us more details? We are still unable to reproduce this issue. I can understand this is very frustrating.

Already gave full details in the customer support ticket. Attached video and pictures and everything.

Sadly, a boilerplate reply by them asking for details after I literally filled the report with details, i.e. they asked what combo I used after I told them I encountered the situation in Pro league stage 2. I wonder if Flare even read the customer support tickets properly. Why would they ask what combo I’m using when I told them it’s in pro league?

Also, they kept quiet about that one question in the customer support ticket that I kept asking, on whether I am getting back my pro league ticket because of a bug on Flare’s side. 100% fault on Flare. Even if they refuse, would’ve been courteous to at least answer the question. Pro league is about to end and still no answer as of the time of writing this post.

Oh well…

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That is exactly the type of service I get whenever I submit a ticket. It is almost like they do not even read what you sent. I have sent ones with exact details and pictures, only to get a form letter asking me for details and pictures…kind of creepy isn’t it

Please post more information about this bug here, we still do not have enough information to reproduce the issue, your help is very appreciated: