Another conquest issue..

For normal wars, generals determines where to attack and soldiers simply fight. Most of soldiers in high level alliances dont want to be a general because its complicated and tiring… Its much more tiring in conquest for generals. We have to follow all actions, have to think about it and keep players online… and some players cant move because many of them are retired. they are playing casual… So my suggestion is giving a new rank like conquest-commander. So these commanders are able to move soldiers and see their energies… So they will manage conquest much easier than other… 

Rank details 

Commander - conquest captain or I dont know how it may be called.

are able to move soldiers, generals even leader and another commander.

are able to see energies of other players.

are able to give other soldiers option to move freely or not. So that noone will move rondomly.


So simply, we wont be exhausted after conquest. I liked the idea of conquest but strategy is not appliable///

Yes.  Folks are burning out.  Generals are just saying.  Give us orders  we will follow.  No one wants to plan.     Even with above suggestions,   not sure if the time needed to play conquest every 21 days is sustainable.     Just honest, fair feedback

Been saying this since first 2 conquests. Flare insists on tweaking gameplay when core mechanics is broken.

As of right now, out of 55 players:
20 are still in base or closeby
5 have gone exploring beyond what we needed
7 are locked in a 7x1 fight we told everyone to avoid
2 are locked attacking our allies

Half the players still haven’t learned to walk on the proper terrain to save energy.

We make deals whenever possible to avoid having to actually play this mode. And to avoid having deals made against us.

@Madlen Please, if you can keep throwing new mechanics at us for testing, at least try having a “Commander controls all players” version of conquest, and see how that goes

People dnt like to spent so many time now

have no idea how we played 2 years ago with unlimited raids?