Another day, another Map full of players I can't beat..

This is becoming really frustrating. I have not seen a player near my Ascension level in days (lvl 38, 1552 cups). Is this the way the game was designed? If I have any chance of advancing further it means gems will be required on every battle as a lot of the higher ranked opponents on my map have blessings activated. Some have several blessings activated.

I understand that they need to generate revenue for this game but it’s come to the point where spending money has become mandatory in order to play at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against buying gems to advance (I’ve spent around $40) but I am against spending money to play.

Other than fixing the matchmaking so I actually have an opponent on my map that I have a chance to beat once in awhile, I think their should be cooldown periods for the Blessings. Some Alliances are running them 24/7 which is basically making them untouchable.

So far my Alliance has had 3 people quit this game. I’m going to give the Dev’s a fair shot at making this game playable before I pull the plug and become #4. It’s a good game but definitely needs some refinement…

The matchmaking algorithm is absolutly frustrating. No chance to proceed in the game. I will be the next one to leave.

My suggestion is, to check for the following:

  1. player level (+/- 3)

  2. throphy-cont (+/- 300)

  3. alliance-level (+/- 2)


Currently its the following (based in my map):

  1. player level (+ 7 to + 15)

  2. throphy-count (- 600 to + 2000)

  3. alliance-level (+ 4 to + 6)


Completely unfair. I connect to the game only to collect ressources. No fun, just frustrating.


I would be happy if I saw opponents 5-10 levels ahead, I do get some of those though occasionally 

the gap increases with level - average range I’m seeing is 15-25 levels ahead of me

there is no reason for this large of a gap especially at lower levels where there is an abundance of players. They designed the match making based on level, not trophies. So im thinking this was intentional

there are plenty of players (maybe not anymore after they found out about the broken system), it should be no issue finding opponents that are +5/-5

they even said in the announcement section that with the most recent update you will be able to attack players of a lower level - I have never seen this and believe it to be false

i can’t remember who but someone posted an idea on brackets and having the matchmaking based on trophies alone. This in my opinion is a great idea. Players that are to low of a level will eventually be pushed down the brackets into their level/trophy range due to higher level attacks.  Players can move up in brackets even if a low level but they will be playing with much higher levels and be at a big disadvantage. Of course there are going to be some level differences and doesn’t necessarily solve the problem your describing but add an option to re-roll opponents for like 25-50k gold or something.  

That’s exactly what the game has become for me… Login in, collect my resources, start an upgrade if possible and logout. I can’t justify putting any more money into a game that’s gonna have me constantly chasing the dragon. I can’t help but think with only having higher levels on my map to attack that the goal for the Dev’s is to get you to spend 24/7 in order to play. The reality is they will keep the hardcore gemmers but the moderate ones like myself who spend once in awhile will be gone.

I am lv49 and I’ve recently beaten lv61 but it took me 2 days, 4 attempts, 2000+ ambrosia and 15 gems… 

I understand that it is necessary to stop developing your island on some level, the more you spend - the tougher enemies matchmaking throws into you. 

I agree with comments here, something is clearly not right. For the last week or so I see players up to 20(!) levels higher. I am not complaining as I still beat them but that can’t be right. If that is designed to get more diamonds out of players that only goes so far you know…

Well, new record for me. I’m level 64 and my latest opponent is level 91 (27 levels higher).

I try if I can beat this! 

Glad I m not the only one ;):wink: Same here, stopping to attack and simply logging in for collecting the goodies from hero-defended isles. Once those would be taken by op enemies, however, I might consider quitting as well (and focusing again on RR2, though that gets a bit off-balance and consequently boring as well, recently)

PS: I guess the next update might solve some of our problems, hope it will be released asap :grinning:  !!