Another one bites the dust! Goodbye RR2

Flare, I too have now left the game and have deleted it from my devices. The ONE and ONLY reason I am bothering to give you this feedback is so that you fix the problems YOU created, and only for the sake of my former Apocalypse alliance members. Since leaving your game it feels like a weight has been lifted from me, and I am “free” :wink:

Can I have your account?

I miss you personally Paji. Hope you return to RR2 soon.

Indeed, many good veteran players have quit. My estimation is 20% already.


Yes, the right word to describe flares one and only activity last months is over-GREED.


The only thing that really holds others players from quitting, is described here well - friendship and loyalty to alliances. But it will not last for long.

Jona use to reply to us here and there and at least give some assurance… Now Jack just makes topics with 50% of the useful information missing and gives us the finger.       It is sad to see someone from the strongest alliance in the game quit. If an Apocalypse member isn’t happy what hopes do the rest of have?  


Good luck Khalsa! Hopefully this thread will be a blessing for the rest of us in the future!

I think we all appreciate you sharing your feelings.

Bro we will miss you and as I told you and write also in the forum Ill be the next one out.Already I’m bored .Updates which takes for ever ,bugs unsolved even reported as sorted.Luck of technical support and the list is very long as you already mentioned some of them.

  Whats keeping me in the game still is the list of proposals issued by Rev. If nothing from that list getting implemented or at least some sort of communication ,than I can see no point being in a dead end place. Good luck to those bringing in their monthly income to play this game at some sort of decent level.

I think back to:

  • the grinding gameplay (engineered to be that way, to maximise revenues)

  • the stupid and scam like vouchers (designed to get us to market RR2 for you)

  • the cheating (and lack of action)

  • the pay to win (where do I even start!)

  • the theft of my earned gems in achievements (reduced and/or swapped to vouchers),

and I ask myself why subject myself to that?


good bye khalsa blade!!


how many veteran players would you like to leave and quit this game,

before you guys wake up and do something?

Until everyone is gone and nobody is happy to play your game?