Another problem - Buff bug!

…and what’s the deal with buff-on, buff-off!!!  I can see my enemies buffed-on one minute and buffed-off within seconds.  If it’s happening to them, it’s happening to me!  Get this fixed!  $500.00+ down the drain.  Shame on me.

I promise you it’s happening to you as well, because your on my map. But you might as well be buffed as I am 10 Ascension levels below you. I saw this, gemed, and couldn’t beat you. However now I know why I dropped 400 trophies yesterday. Devs gave me back some of what I lost on the weekend and now I am already back to where I started at the beginning of yesterday. Really just loving the game atm. I can come on collect my resources gawk at all the significantly more powerful players curiously plotted on my top 8 producing islands and log out. No really keep it up guys this is great. OR aka Ancient FarmVille  ???

They are close to getting this thing right but I’m just not giving them another dime until it is.

It’s getting better from day to day. Soon all of us will be happy, I think.

I agree… Maybe we have many problems but we some improvement day to day 

Same man, not another penny until I see balance and resolution to the most critical parts of the game.