another problem with game

i’ve one more bug in the game. i  think its sth wrong with my account, can you check it ? picture below is screenshot of pro leaderboard, there is only 2 members. thats not first time when i see sth weird in game. my ign: Spacebreaker, hope you can find the sollution @nicolasnottin @flaretara

i dont use any cheats, you can check it. i only want to play without crashes and bugs

same bug for me, solved once you participate into pro league.

am the participant of actually pro league

now its ok, but its really strange. flare hope you do sth

my friend has the same problem, he can see only 2 participants in pro laderboard. @Nikko @Archimedes

Same goes for me. After reaching the last one I can only see 2 people on the leaderboard. And those are the same as seen in the screen shot above.

Edit: After restarting the game it fixed itself.

Thanks for reporting guys, we will make sure to investigate. 

Best of luck in your battles!