Another statistic

When an opponent passes our defense, the statistics that appear are : the percentage of the course destroyed, the units and spells used, gold and trophies lost.

Is it possible that FG adds a timer?
It would help assess his defense even better.

I really like this idea and could be a tremendous help in evaluating your defense. I try to use the number of crowns they got but this is too vague.

Nowadays nemesis with a certain set of spells is enough to beat any defense. Troops only are required to defend the tent against incoming gargoyles plus converted defensive troops that turn back.

Sure, time required would help a bit, including guardian plus pal and their level. Not that it helps to build a successful defense, since you need specific boosts plus buildings to stand the slightest chance.


This has been asked for before, ideally a full replay would be even better (and make finding cheats a lot easier).


It would be nice to have an attack history, both incoming & outgoing with replay. Also, a cool down period outside of skull battles to prevent repeated attacks by the same player