Another tip to mid-level players.

Most of us already realize this, but I see very few people employ it.

As we all know, putting a skull tower across an overlap gives it a very limited range, only being able to fire off a volley when something is right on the edge. However, when it does fire a volley, it fires it into the middle of the lane.

We also know a few things about Firebolts. We know that, first of all, they can’t be attacked from across the lane. And second of all, they cause Panic status! And what does Panic status do? It makes units run all around, often to the edge of a lane (; Ergo, by putting Firebolt Towers and Skull Towers near each other, you can use the Firebolt to activate the Skull Towers.

I’ve found an interesting chokepoint strategy. It maximizes the amount of skull towers that can placed within an FB Tower’s “Panic range.” To put simply:

. S … F


****** ] S

**** S


(I apologize for having to use symbols as spacing. The forums are weird about using the spacebar too many times in a row)

This, obviously, works best on reverse-L bases. However, if employed, your one Firebolt can theoretically set off 3 Skull Towers at once. Personally, these are the only 4 towers I’ve had to upgrade recently, because they can do so much damage on their lonesome. They’re like a trap mega-tower.

Who knows some more trick’s