Another trophy bug

Another trophy bug. This is a raid from matchmaking.

Hi LagunaC,

The issue you’re describing is actually not a bug. When the player you’re fighting against has less trophies than you have and you’re not reaching 100% at the end of a battle, it is possible to lose trophies.

In that case, you would lose a couple trophies, at best, and even then they must have more than just 100 trophies less

It was probably a last second victory. It most of the time happens when the timer goes down to 0 and the gate falls, after the time is up. Ofc it’s a loss cause the time is up, but the game still shows that it’s a victory and in my book, that’s a bug

In a normal raid, which you win, you can’t lose 12 trophies. No matter what. I mean, why should you lose trophies against someone in your trophy range, that you beat

Hey Sasch.

I understand what you’re saying if the difference was of 1000 trophies…

But losing 12 trophies, when you won and just with 100 trophies difference?

I don’t think it should be like that…

It’s via matchmaking. If matchmaking gives me an opponent where I lose as much as 12 trophies when I scored 97%, something is wrong then. Also, like someone pointed here already, the difference is 100 trophies, not 1000. Surely, there’s something wrong with the system.