Another Turbo Paladin?

I know that people voted in the survey and stuff, but do we really need another Turbo Paladin? Particularly that we’ve just had a turbo paladin a few war seasons ago; they are pretty useless for mid - high level players. For them to actually be good, you have to combine them with Holy Paladin, which is both expensive and totally not worth it.


I say we just scrap Turbo Paladin. This will be the third time it’s appeared, and I’m already sick of it.

Ahaha yeah, don’t worry if came out Turbo Paladin is because majority of people liked them, but who if not top alliances with the Raging wolf combo (and its howl)? So let’s say that all polls of special boosts come mainly from top alliances. In short words: they decide the special boosts for all the other people…

IDK bout the rest bt turbo palladins works fine for me and my alliance

I really love turbo paladin :slight_smile:

They already decided accursed tower and turbo palladin as special war boost for next season :wink:

As a high level player, I like those pallies :slight_smile:

What we definitely not need is a skull tower boost. :slightly_frowning_face:

I just wanted to join an alliance with over 50 fiefdoms. I won’t do it this war. Would be really frustrating.

Love how the description says ‘When a skull tower dies, a horde of gargoyles appears’, and last time when I killed my level 3 Accursed Tower, the great horde of 1 gargoyle appeared. :slight_smile:

Alliances with boosted garg towers and now skull tower will give a shitstorm of gargoyles omg :slightly_frowning_face: