Another unfair business

Well after upgrading my Blacksmith to the last level and unlocking every slot ,the more desirable 400% conversion pearls seems a joke. Just when it was special the SPECIAL EVENT you feel that something is moving .That special event on pearls conversation should be in fact what you with a full unlock should be getting. So I advise anyone our there not to do it. Sadly it is another con from Flare. Huge spending. …for absolutely nothing. Not worth it. So Blacksmith should be more generous with us Flare for that money.

oh i thought it was just me, also i see nothing worth getting in granny event, it seems not to have changed except to spend gold, and even then u get nothing good

Yeah woho got full blacksmith as well and some items above level 110 only yields 5-7 pearls haha… :slightly_frowning_face:

i can get 65 pearls max on my cape but also forged it a lot of time tho still waste 

Yeah I know it depends on the value of the gear but I believe it’s totally crazy that high level gear can only be worth 5 pearls with 400% increased pearl value I have all slots unlocked